Seed Ranch Flavor Co - Umami Sauce (Mild) - Organic Gourmet Savory Sauce for Cooking, Marinating, Grilling, and Dousing

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Seed Ranch Flavor Co. Sauces and Seasonings

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We believe we can change the world by changing the way it tastes. We create the world’s most delicious, plant-based foods, from seed, to bottle + bag + box, from ingredients your grandmother can recognize.

Seed Ranch, The Flavor Company

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Seed Ranch Sauces

Truffle Umami Bundle

Truffle Umami Bundle

The Classic Bundle

The Classics Bundle

The Hot Bundle

The Hot Bundle

Truffle Hound Hot Sauce

Truffle Hound Hot Sauce

Thai Green Mild Hot Sauce

Thai Green Hot Sauce

HOT Thai Green Hot Sauce

HOT Thai Green Hot Sauce

Umami Everyday Sauce

Umami Everyday Sauce

Variety Pack of 4 Variety Pack of 3 Variety Pack of 4 8 oz glass jar 5 oz glass jar 5 oz glass jar 5 oz glass jar
Heat Level
Hot Mild Medium-Hot Hot Mild Hot No Heat
Flavor Profile
Savory, Rich Savory, Earthy, Citrusy, Rich Savory, Earthy, Citrusy, Rich Savory, Rich Citrusy, Herbaceous Citrusy, Herbaceous, Spicy Savory, Earthy
Feature Ingredients
Real black truffle,kelp fronds Variety Pack Variety Pack Summer Truffles & Ghost Pepper Fresh Lemongrass & Cilantro Carolina Reaper & Serrano Porcini Mushrooms & Capers
Recommended Uses
Pizza, sandwiches, pasta Grain bowls, salad dressing Grain bowls, salad dressing Pizza, sandwiches, pasta Grain bowls, salad dressing Proteins, ramen, guacamole Pasta, soup, marinades

Seed Ranch Seasoning Blends

Umami All-Purpose Seasoning Salt

Umami All-Purpose Salt

Cheddar Craving Vegan Cheese Powder

Vegan Cheddar Craving

Spicy Queso Vegan Cheese Powder

Vegan Spicy Queso

General Tso's Sweet Chili Blend

General Tso's Blend

Spicy Everything Bagel Seasoning

Spicy Everything Bagel

7oz (198g) 4oz (113g) 4oz (113g) 4oz (113g) 4.6oz (131g)
Heat Level
No Heat No Heat Mild-Medium No Heat Hot
Flavor Profile
Savory, Mouth-Rounding Cheesy, Umami, Mild Cheesy, Umami, Spicy Sweet Chili, Umami Spicy, Smoky, BBQ
Feature Ingredients
Kelp Fronds & Sea Salt Porcini Powder & Coconut Flour Nutritional Yeast & Cayenne Date Sugar, Ginger, Tamari Ghost Pepper & Smoked Paprika
Any & every meal or snack Popcorn, potatoes, pasta Roasted veggies, tacos, pizza Sweet potatoes, ramen, tofu Proteins, salads, soups, dips
Organic chocolate habanero, porcini mushroom, lemongrass, cilantro, lime wedge


When it comes to flavor, Seed Ranch has your back. Whether you're topping off tacos, a breakfast sandwich, or fixing a quick snack, there’s always a perfect flavor in our set of sauces and seasonings.

Culinary materials with chef's hat, utensils, and saute pan


People should be able to trust what they’re eating. That’s why you can count on us for clean, organic ingredients free from preservatives, GMOs, or refined sugar. We work with farmers & suppliers who hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity so we all can live happier, healthier lives.

Truffle Hound Hot Sauce

Made with Real Summer Truffles

Truffle Hound is a delicious, gourmet sauce featuring a blend of summer truffles, organic chili de arbol and ghost pepper. This sauce has the decadent, rich truffle taste and smooth sweetness of dates. No added sugar, no gums, no colors. Nothing strange.

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Product Quick Look

  • UMAMI, THE FIFTH TASTE: Translated from Japanese, "Umami" means "pleasant savory flavor." Known as "the fifth taste" (distinct from sweet, sour, salty or bitter), Umami makes any dish unique and extraordinary.
  • ARTISAN VEGAN GOURMET: Handmade and crafted with only the best organic, wild, ingredients. Gluten free, vegan, vegetarian. Paleo friendly, keto approved, and top rated. Featured on Fuego Box. USA made.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Handmade from scratch with fresh, raw ingredients in small batches, Umami includes oven dried olives, porcini mushrooms, capers, wild-harvested kelp fronds, chili peppers, and a very mild heat so everyone can enjoy.
  • SHAKE WELL: Plant based with NO preservatives and non-GMO. No thickening agents or artificial extracts. Low carb, low calorie, low sodium, low sugar, fat free.
  • FLAVOR OVER HEAT: Great on roasted veggies, stir fry, burritos, eggs, avocado toast, sandwiches, wings, proteins, Commonly used as a marinade, seasoning, or dressing.
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