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PIPBOY-2000 t1_iu7xqwn wrote

I really enjoy the character designs and the art style. It somehow gives me pleasant nostalgia


MoSqueezin t1_iu9be1b wrote

I was thinking the same thing, I would love to see a graphic novel or movie in this style


cmajalis t1_iu83iif wrote

The textures really give this piece some warmth and life. Reminds me a lot of Sheep in the Big City and Whatever Happened to Robot Jones during Cartoon Network’s hay day! Bravo!


AnaRelentless t1_iu83d2q wrote

Love your style! I went to your profile and i really like it all! Great art style!


HardwareLust t1_iu8incy wrote

That's excellent work! Love your use of texture.

I got some serious children's book illustrator vibes from that.


Batmanlover1 t1_iu7z8tw wrote

I didn't know I'd want to see an Aardman Mario movie, but you sold me on it 👍


averillaann t1_iu8kk2k wrote

I love it because that looks exactly like my cat before she love bites me lol also pen and watercolor is a combo I have to try!


HauntingBowlofGrapes t1_iu8oyot wrote

The visual texture feels very nostalgic and warm. (⁠♡⁠ω⁠♡⁠ ⁠)⁠ ⁠~⁠♪


darf_nader t1_iu8qwih wrote

To non-artists out there: The general public thinks that this ‘simplistic’ style of execution is easy. It is not.

To the artist: Never let those people convince you of this either. Let the, ‘Even I could do THAT.’ comments just roll off your shoulder.


EditedDwarf t1_iu93eha wrote

This is shockingly beautiful to me. Like I looked at it, and was blown away instantly by how much I love this piece. First time I’ve saved art from this subreddit. Thank you


Kaanarth t1_iu8ilwq wrote

Looks amazing. Beautiful work friend!


nkolov t1_iu8kysh wrote

I take my cat off to you, good work!


webname1 t1_iu8ls7p wrote

Great in the unison of the current Autumn season :).


0x7A5 t1_iu8s8eu wrote

Love that style. I do not have a steady enough hand for that type of cross hatching. These days everything I do looks like a quick sketch, but I am okay with that


yy_khrab t1_iu8wowz wrote

I swear to God I thought it was stitched at first glance


zeepers_13 t1_iu8xely wrote

Can I make it my mobile wallpaper? Winter is entering my country and this feels warm.


ElJoseRose t1_iu8zznz wrote

Very clever title, I appreciate the double entendre!


Crabbyaki t1_iu90xcr wrote

Oh my God this is a great work! I love almost everything about it.


Blenderx06 t1_iu91ach wrote

This is so charming and I love all the textures.


TerrorByte t1_iu95pid wrote

Lol I can't even with the faces.

Good balance of expression and nuance for the art style, OP.


Tigerf00d t1_iu9b1ol wrote

This is such a warming style. I greatly appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing


Racially-Ambiguous t1_iu9gqjw wrote

This is such a cute style! Do you take commissions?


houselegs OP t1_iuay14u wrote

I don't do comissions at this time :( Thank you so much


bubaloos t1_iu9pkl1 wrote

Love the Style, makes me remember my childhood 's books. I agree with others that it brings up good nostalgia, love it


Kujen t1_iu9zjqo wrote

I like all the texture you put in


cmdr1337 t1_iua19oe wrote

Anyone else hear the name of this painting in their head with an English accent saying...."I loike hats, me."


Tyree_Callahan t1_iua3t0d wrote

That’s wonderful! What a nice bunch of color and I love the textures you made with the pen! Pretty awesome!


pupeighkhaleuxpeh t1_iua66tq wrote

I love this art style. Reminds me of the children's book I'd read at my local library


ChuCHuPALX t1_iuadttr wrote

Inspired by reddit NFTs.. you've been spending too much time on reddit.