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theoldgreenwalrus t1_it3xgmk wrote

Woah that's trippy, both lifelike and dreamlike


action_lawyer_comics t1_it43d1u wrote

The perspective is really messing me up. I feel like I'm a baby who's just been born


Picajosan t1_it52v5b wrote

Oh wow this is unsettling. Is it about CSA? It's the vibe I'm getting with the child in an adult sized bed and the large, seemingly self-aware predator threateningly looming above her.


memonemo129 OP t1_it54h4b wrote

That’s what I thought with the leopard “grooming” the child


Pepsiman1031 t1_it8yhys wrote

Yeah some people are saying it's about British colonialism but that seems like a stretch.


Randa08 t1_it792ix wrote

I'm so glad you said this, I had no idea, I was trying to figure out what the relation to the title was lol


faithOver t1_it4jplg wrote

Lorca is amazing. For anyone near or in Barcelona highly suggest a visit to Moco.


Big_MD t1_it647oj wrote

Haha literally came here to make this same recommendation. Amazing Lorca paintings and absurdly huge with so much detail. Some of them 12-15 feet across.


lmunck t1_it6mgp9 wrote

I was literally there yesterday, by chance, and returned to Copenhagen/Denmark today. It was mind blowing.


faithOver t1_it6ofx5 wrote

Right?! Fantastic gallery and the huge Lorcas are easy to stare at for long periods of time.


spitehouserow t1_it6ozm4 wrote

Makes me think of the predatory nature of British colonialism and how some people will make the argument that it was actually beneficial despite the very real and obvious damage it did. The message to me is “don’t get in bed with the English” they seem benign but they are predators and will eat you alive.


SpookyAdolf44 t1_it6my6o wrote

Bro the cat’s eye on the dark side of its head is more dilated. Loving the detail


Seramosos t1_it4g3xr wrote

Remembers me and my cat in the morning


ToDandy t1_it48ba3 wrote

Amazing! I need to hang a copy of this across from the bed in my guest bedroom.


-_-theVoid-_- t1_it5rqwm wrote

Wow, this is some Scarface level bling right here. If I was wealthy, I'd happily part with a grand for this one.

(Sorry if I'm low-balling, I'm but a mere peasant, lol.)


SuitheSlime t1_it5iie2 wrote

The leapord can also represent the British culture of taking things from others like predator back than rlly great that you can find your own meaning to it


doggie_doggie t1_it6j0cb wrote

This has some Gabriel Garcia Marquez magic realism vibes


Ciruelofre t1_it79xxj wrote

Chilean artist!! And a great one.


Not_Buying t1_it72mw9 wrote

Very cool, but it’s bugging me that the pillow isn’t even slightly indented from the cat’s weight. Is is supposed to be like an apparition?


memonemo129 OP t1_it731ji wrote

Could be! When I was analyzing this at first I actually saw the leopard as a guardian angel instead of a predator (the arms kind of resemble wings in a way)


Bookworm_Hairstylist t1_it7i8o2 wrote

That's interesting! It felt predatory to me, at first, but I can see what you mean. Man, this is what I LOVE about art! So open to interpretation!


Senior_Ant77 t1_it7ixun wrote

My cat trying to wake me up for food in the morning


emptyinthesunrise t1_it69emv wrote

wowwww this is fkn crazy. makes me think, “what the hell is going on”


Automatic_Llama t1_it7nxpn wrote

My name is lep / I sneak about / And portrait bomb / For hella clout / And when you're tired / And go to bed / I shall appear / And lick your head


cbunni666 t1_it600eo wrote

Kitty: break her heart and I break you.


kapannier t1_it6fjlu wrote

Weirdly makes me think of Angela Carter’s Bloody Chamber stories!


FluffyDogSoul t1_it7jk92 wrote

Ahhh strangely reminds me of my grandparents small town down by the california beach


Styx92 t1_it7lrg6 wrote

"Don't worry, they love people. And they hardly shed!"


RudionRaskolnikov t1_it7tum4 wrote

I don't see any sort of maliciousness in the leopard here. To me the leopard seems to be representing the mother, strong and fierce in protecting her child while also licking him with care and love like how my mother used to give me a goodnight kiss as a child


TheLadyTethys t1_it95qpy wrote

I can't tell if I should be amazed or terrified. It's beautiful, but it is terrifying at the same time.