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sime1art OP t1_iu75lv0 wrote

But I'll consider your advice. Maybe I should try to analyze it deeper


2fences t1_iu7aw1k wrote

Don’t listen to this nonsense. Art can be for the creator, it doesn’t have to be for the audience and even if it is for the audience, great art (in my opinion) makes you FEEL something. This piece absolutely does that, in fact it made me feel very uncomfortable in a great way. It doesn’t even have to do that but it does and I appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong, I do wish artists more regularly would tell the audience what they were trying to achieve but it’s again, not necessary and intentionally leaving it open to interpretation is a-okay.


Enthusiastically t1_iu7plii wrote

Whatever your process is, it’s obviously working fine.


Jexroyal t1_iu7s1zj wrote

Ikr. Displays incredible talent and an acute eye for detail, the human form, and eliciting emotion. Then gets "ThErE sHoUlD bE CoNTenT". Whatever dude, the art is fantastic, definitely not a "cop out".


cheesyenchilady t1_iu7s115 wrote

When I think too much about the art I’m making, I get stuck. Feel clogged up. I simply have to start with whatever wisp of inspiration I had & just run with it. Even when I do have a more specific concept in mind, sometimes it’s hard for me to articulate with words. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone. I mean... have fun analyzing your art if you do desire, but not at the strange and irrational demand of someone else lol


GroovePT t1_iu8wo7b wrote

Do not consider his advice lol 😂remember that about 50% of people are dummer than your average human, by definition!


Purposlessporpoise t1_iu789pa wrote

As a viewer, you assume everything you observe in the piece is intentional, for example, the woman licking the foot, the thorns, the berries, the woman’s expression, your choice of placement. Literally everything under the sun has a meaning that you chose. It’s just a matter of knowing why you chose that and you don’t always know and not everything has to have a solid tie in but all I’m saying is you know your art better than you’re leading on


sime1art OP t1_iu8834m wrote

I've 11 years of experience in making drawings, i really can say (until now) that the best things come out unconsciously. I let the imagination flows, as i let the pencil draw when it's tracing something. I have an embryo of idea at the beginning, is true, of course! as the use of elements, and emotions, and the kind of feel I want to express. But at the end, the result is something really surprisingly, and often so different. That's why I keep drawing after all this time i think, there's a lack of boring in all this. It's so beautiful to see what is possible to create.


EdoDave_Dave_Dave t1_iu809uh wrote

Assuming everything you observe is intentional isn't the way, man, because the simple fact of the matter is that not everything is. The entire piece could just be a series of impulse decisions with little thought as to "the meaning" of it. The choices could entirely be technically motivated, or as simple as "idk, I thought it looked cool".

Art speaks for itself because what it means to you can be completely different from what it means to the artist, and there's no obligation for either to validate how they see it.


kinda_warm t1_iu94vg2 wrote

as a BAD viewer you might assume everything you see is intentional. You might just need to try to look into the art you view more rather than seeing it at such face value, tsk tsk tsk


Purposlessporpoise t1_iu96o9q wrote

What the fuck are you talking about honestly? How do you think art curators and art historians talk about past works? If you really just see art as a pretty picture to put on the wall then you’re a hobbyist