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shorthairtotallycare t1_iu7bvqo wrote

It’s made up after the fact because galleries need statements most of the time


Purposlessporpoise t1_iu7h1vs wrote

Galleries need statements because there’s a purpose to art making beyond this twenty-first century notion that an artist’s persona has to be based around an ambivalent mystic who has to speak in rhymes and avoid meaning to everything.


[deleted] t1_iu7qmsu wrote



Purposlessporpoise t1_iu7ri0g wrote

Yeah this drawing of a highly rendered representational image of a lady licking a foot and small detailed fruit was made on a whim out of the minds eye ok


2fences t1_iu7zjax wrote

You can’t see the potential (as opposed to kinetic) pain?

This drawing gives great tension and makes me feel the same as I have during acupuncture, falling into cactus or getting tangled in a thorny bush. It’s so tight that the image gave me shivers.


kinda_warm t1_iu95yxh wrote

bro, i can garuntee 90% of gallery statements are bullshitted and absolutely ignored. No one will ever remember the things they are told to feel in a paragraph under a painting. they’ll remember what they see and feel when looking at the actual piece of work.

If you genuinely need a verbal explanation to put your own meaning to a piece then idk if this sort of medium is for you lol