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Zillah-The-Broken t1_iu0uy8d wrote

this is making me want to pull out the book and re-read it. what a spooky painting!


MulciberTenebras OP t1_iu0vf2i wrote

He painted it for his daughters a few years before he watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" with them in '66. Their shared dissatisfaction with the short inspired him to write his own Halloween special, with the imagery of this painting serving as the basis for his story.

While animator Chuck Jones loved the idea... MGM shuttered their animation department soon after agreeing to produce it. So in '72, Bradbury turned the script into a popular novella. That was finally adapted into animation by Hanna-Barbera in 1993.


Zillah-The-Broken t1_iu0vy3d wrote

wait a minute... Bradbury painted this?! I had no idea!!!


MulciberTenebras OP t1_iu0w3ub wrote



RokujuToshi t1_iu0yuzb wrote

One of my all-time favorites


AspenRiot t1_iu2b34b wrote

Sick, I didn't know he painted. Haven't read the story though.


Adam_Ohh t1_iu1xfef wrote

My all time favorite Halloween story, and the movie has become an every year classic in my home.

Showed it to my fiancé and she loves it also, now we’re just waiting to show it to a little one if we ever go that route.


djinnisequoia t1_iu325gx wrote

One of my favorite books of all time! Major influence on me growing up. What a glorious, gorgeous painting. Thank you so much for posting it.


EGGs-Lady t1_iu692o2 wrote

such a talented artist in so many mediums....


Psilocybe38 t1_iu173nx wrote

Glad he stuck with writing instead...