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Omnizoom t1_iu8t9ke wrote

I wouldn’t call it mortal enemies , Kayn is also not fully aware of how much Rhaast can take over and rhaast does willingly help out and not hold back his power , remember the transformation we see in the game is a theoretical one and kayn is shocked when rhaast kills him to take over his body , kayn just goes into the back of his mind essentially then.

Because story wise kayn has been injured so many times badly that rhaast could of just not helped him and took over , rhaast more then likely enjoys the banter and is reaping more then enough soul energy being kayns scythe , we can see that in kayns dialogue where he asks rhaast to do more to help out and the response is “ I am the scythe all I can do is help out “


froggison t1_iua51a0 wrote

I'm not too deep into the lore, but isn't part of what enables this that Kayn was already a serial killer? They can have more of a symbiotic relationship because they both want the same thing anyway lol


Omnizoom t1_iuag8si wrote

Well no, kayn isn’t a serial killer , he has a dark mind but he just has an insane amount of willpower , his one arm is almost fully taken over in his model and it’s only because that arm was injured and rhaast healed it (if I remember correctly, it’s just that the darkin , though immortal ascended beings were not super strong in there minds from the ascension , like nasus didn’t become more brilliant from ascending

The darkin were no different before they got sealed into weapons , and some were not inherently evil though most were a bit brutal and went very much insane (aatrox) after being forgotten for so long since they are immobile as weapons


froggison t1_iuai5di wrote

Ah my bad. I was thinking of the story when Kayn met Zed. But he was a child soldier, not a serial killer. Thanks!