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Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iu94lhv wrote

Same here. I don't play jungle at all, but they're still among my favorite league characters. I just like their dynamic a lot. Their odyssey skin dialogues especially are pure gold xD

I wish there was some more lore for these two though...


Cranksta t1_iu94u2z wrote

That's just how it is with games isn't it? Always keeping us on a lore diet, lol.

Aren't they supposed to be changing some things with Varus? Could open up an opportunity for more Darkin lore if we get lucky.


Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iu97274 wrote

I'm still waiting for new voice lines for Varus lol. It's been like 4 years.

There's a darkin event happening in LoR now, so there's some more story at least, but it's sadly nothing special. LoR Varus seems really cool, I like that they made him a good guy of sorts. But I feel like they missed the mark with Kayn and Rhaast, their interactions are scarce and just kind of..dry. And Kayn doesn't even talk to Zed for some reason..

I hope they do Aatrox justice at least


Cranksta t1_iu97i6k wrote

Oh I didn't know that! I really like Varus, I'll have to look into it.

I like that with Varus, he's still being fucked with by his hosts. I have a feeling that they're going to pull a "power of love" shtick with them, because both of Varus hosts are very gay and very in love. It might either A) teach Varus a little more empathy/remind him that he was once human too or B) fuel their eventual eviction of Varus. Varus is always getting picked on by Aatrox anyway, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to choose the humans this time around lol.


Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iu98ne5 wrote

I'm surprised so few people know about this game, poor advertising on riot's part probably.

And good guess! A) is exactly what happened :) There are also some more darkin characters there. Some are from the existing lore (they were in twilight of the gods I think), and some seem to be completely new. Definitely recommend checking it out!


Cranksta t1_iu99ncb wrote

I think it's also a completely different kind of gaming than LoL. People that play League are there for the gameplay, not necessarily the lore. So it's probably attracting people that either don't play League or the rare folk that are actually invested in the lore. I just haven't had the time to squeeze in another game to suck emotional investment into so I've not opened it.

And ah! That makes me happy. Varus always felt... Really lonely? Like you've got rampaging anger god Aatrox, snarky murder nightmare Rhaast... and Varus. Who doesn't seem to talk about anything but that he's got a limited amount of time left and he'll make his enemies pay for their crimes against him (whatever that may be). He seemed a little weaker than his brethren (and so, not very wanted by them) and also the most human still, so I had hoped they would play into that. I'm glad they have!


ralanr t1_iu9fb37 wrote

There was a memo Varus, a memo.

If I had one complaint about Kayn and Rhaast, it’s that you don’t get to hear them banter much since you want to change forms ASAP.


Jr_froste t1_iu9p1me wrote

I bet yall will like Aatrox voiceline too. Darkins are still the most beautiful thing created.