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Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iuci2fr wrote

Does it look weird? I struggle with faces most of the time, so if you have any criticism I'd like to hear it


JFWilliams_Jaora t1_iudqq5o wrote

I think the perspective might be off, but im not entirely sure something just seems off about his smile. Sorry not exactly constructive criticism if i don't know what's wrong.


Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iudx525 wrote

It's a full on side view, so there's not much to fuck up when it comes to perspective. I think I know what might be wrong though. The bridge of the nose starts too high and it makes his face proportions all messed up. My fault for not using references again 🤦‍♂️

Not sure if that's what you meant but thanks for help anyway!