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Grenyn t1_iu8kc7c wrote

They ain't friends, though. But it's still nicely done.


Grenyn t1_iu8or9q wrote

League of Legends, yes. The demon looking thing is part of a semi-race (complicated) of beings that were sealed into weapons, becoming the weapons themselves. They try to persuade people to pick them up, after which they take over their body and reshape it closer to how they once looked.

The guy with the braid grabbed a weapon like that, but could resist the weapon's influence. So now they're constantly fighting for control over the guy's body, with the demon thing always looking for moments of weakness where he can destroy the other guy's mind, effectively erasing him.

They can converse, and of course, it's funny if they squabble in-game, but they're literally mortal enemies.


I_Smoke_Tampons t1_iu8qr7m wrote

I was thinking Melkor and his disciple, Sauron but Okay. League of Legends (had to Google that one) will work too.


Omnizoom t1_iu8t9ke wrote

I wouldn’t call it mortal enemies , Kayn is also not fully aware of how much Rhaast can take over and rhaast does willingly help out and not hold back his power , remember the transformation we see in the game is a theoretical one and kayn is shocked when rhaast kills him to take over his body , kayn just goes into the back of his mind essentially then.

Because story wise kayn has been injured so many times badly that rhaast could of just not helped him and took over , rhaast more then likely enjoys the banter and is reaping more then enough soul energy being kayns scythe , we can see that in kayns dialogue where he asks rhaast to do more to help out and the response is “ I am the scythe all I can do is help out “


Cranksta t1_iu90z3g wrote

I seriously adore these two. I wish I played more jungle so I could hear their banter more- they're like an old married couple that bond over murder. Just two idiots with God complexes bickering non stop, it's so entertaining.


InsaneBasti t1_iu93xhi wrote

Cursed. Thats not how these interact.


Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iu94lhv wrote

Same here. I don't play jungle at all, but they're still among my favorite league characters. I just like their dynamic a lot. Their odyssey skin dialogues especially are pure gold xD

I wish there was some more lore for these two though...


Cranksta t1_iu94u2z wrote

That's just how it is with games isn't it? Always keeping us on a lore diet, lol.

Aren't they supposed to be changing some things with Varus? Could open up an opportunity for more Darkin lore if we get lucky.


ComputerBrain t1_iu94yfo wrote

How does someone sleep with a head like that.


Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iu97274 wrote

I'm still waiting for new voice lines for Varus lol. It's been like 4 years.

There's a darkin event happening in LoR now, so there's some more story at least, but it's sadly nothing special. LoR Varus seems really cool, I like that they made him a good guy of sorts. But I feel like they missed the mark with Kayn and Rhaast, their interactions are scarce and just kind of..dry. And Kayn doesn't even talk to Zed for some reason..

I hope they do Aatrox justice at least


Cranksta t1_iu97i6k wrote

Oh I didn't know that! I really like Varus, I'll have to look into it.

I like that with Varus, he's still being fucked with by his hosts. I have a feeling that they're going to pull a "power of love" shtick with them, because both of Varus hosts are very gay and very in love. It might either A) teach Varus a little more empathy/remind him that he was once human too or B) fuel their eventual eviction of Varus. Varus is always getting picked on by Aatrox anyway, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to choose the humans this time around lol.


ElevenThus t1_iu98h5q wrote

Rhaast and Kayn? In the alternate universe where they’re actually friend this is wholesome

I mean their insult to each other every few second is wholesome too


Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iu98ne5 wrote

I'm surprised so few people know about this game, poor advertising on riot's part probably.

And good guess! A) is exactly what happened :) There are also some more darkin characters there. Some are from the existing lore (they were in twilight of the gods I think), and some seem to be completely new. Definitely recommend checking it out!


Cranksta t1_iu99ncb wrote

I think it's also a completely different kind of gaming than LoL. People that play League are there for the gameplay, not necessarily the lore. So it's probably attracting people that either don't play League or the rare folk that are actually invested in the lore. I just haven't had the time to squeeze in another game to suck emotional investment into so I've not opened it.

And ah! That makes me happy. Varus always felt... Really lonely? Like you've got rampaging anger god Aatrox, snarky murder nightmare Rhaast... and Varus. Who doesn't seem to talk about anything but that he's got a limited amount of time left and he'll make his enemies pay for their crimes against him (whatever that may be). He seemed a little weaker than his brethren (and so, not very wanted by them) and also the most human still, so I had hoped they would play into that. I'm glad they have!


MoorgunFreeman t1_iu9a52a wrote

Good game. Glad I’m done playing forever, hopefully. 2 years going strong.


Megane_Senpai t1_iu9b17p wrote

Kayn and his Darkin Scythe, what's his name again?


MoorgunFreeman t1_iu9bfmu wrote

Thank you!! This is my 2nd, sort of 3rd time “quitting for good.” I refuse to even get on to play casually.

Ranked is what makes it so damn terrible for me to play. I’m a very competitive person. Just in the wrong places in life sometime. :’)

Edit: also, if you ever want to quit League for good, DM me. I’ve got a 1,000 reasons.


Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iu9cnsz wrote

Hopefully it's the last time lol!

I stopped playing ranked years ago, way too toxic for me. I don't know how people manage to stay sane playing this game competitively..

Thank you for the offer, but I feel like I'm in a pretty healthy spot right now, just playing with friends occasionally :)


Aphexia t1_iu9crx6 wrote

“Did you see that Rhaast!? … Rhaast?”


youarenut t1_iu9h8g2 wrote

I love this art style! The characters themselves remind me a lot of Kayn and Rhaast from a MOBA game called League of Legends. Kayn is a shadow ninja disciple and his weapon scythe is possessed by a darkin (demon) named Rhaast. Looks just like that one actually


thisismyaltaccount0k t1_iu9ifr6 wrote

Very cool. What was the inspiration for this if you don’t mind me asking?


mackanj01 t1_iu9irnl wrote

Kayn and Rhaast! My boys!

I love these two disaster boyfriends/comedy duo.


Cranksta t1_iu9ohj0 wrote

Okay I'm thinking about this and can only decide that Rhaast is a belly sleeper. Just plops his face down and starts snoring.

Or maybe he just floats.

Guess it's convenient to hide inside the scythe while sleeping.


djinnisequoia t1_iu9x53o wrote

Oh, this is so good! The subjects in the painting look so relaxed and natural as to be completely believable. And with the background, you've captured beautifully a certain kind of look that a lot of my favorite paintings of landscapes from the early 1900s had. Trees that look like eucalyptus or cypress and they have an otherworldly, kind of languid look.

I have tried to do trees like that and have only succeeded once. Anyway, great work!


froggison t1_iua51a0 wrote

I'm not too deep into the lore, but isn't part of what enables this that Kayn was already a serial killer? They can have more of a symbiotic relationship because they both want the same thing anyway lol


Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iua8yks wrote

Thank you so much!

I'm happy to hear the background turned out well, since I'm still learning all this stuff. I've only been drawing characters until recently, so this piece was a huge challenge for me.


MortyMcMorston t1_iuadzus wrote

Since no one said it yet r/sympatheticmonsters


Omnizoom t1_iuag8si wrote

Well no, kayn isn’t a serial killer , he has a dark mind but he just has an insane amount of willpower , his one arm is almost fully taken over in his model and it’s only because that arm was injured and rhaast healed it (if I remember correctly, it’s just that the darkin , though immortal ascended beings were not super strong in there minds from the ascension , like nasus didn’t become more brilliant from ascending

The darkin were no different before they got sealed into weapons , and some were not inherently evil though most were a bit brutal and went very much insane (aatrox) after being forgotten for so long since they are immobile as weapons


chibinoi t1_iub1t8d wrote

I’d imagine Rhaast would be the naughty boy to “accidentally slip up” and cut off Kan~ye’s braid a la Harriet The Spy style 😆


Sayurimai t1_iubtera wrote

This is certainly an interesting piece.


Morphogenesis__ OP t1_iudx525 wrote

It's a full on side view, so there's not much to fuck up when it comes to perspective. I think I know what might be wrong though. The bridge of the nose starts too high and it makes his face proportions all messed up. My fault for not using references again 🤦‍♂️

Not sure if that's what you meant but thanks for help anyway!