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PerfectHandz t1_itblvwz wrote

This makes me so uncomfortable and I love it


TisTheWindAndNothing t1_itdre7z wrote

Strong ghibli vibes


Alexercer t1_itc2q6p wrote

That gives me the inpression that there were a shot ton of sexual metaphores i didnt get along the way


CashWrecks t1_iteu7ni wrote

Reminds me a lot of that adult swim animated short "scavengers". A lot of strange esoteric stuff going on in a lot of the same oddly specific and otherworldly type of way

Edit: holy shit... it's being turned into a full length animated series called scavengers reign and I just crapped myself


ozule_art t1_itc8283 wrote

What in the sludgey butt-seed phallus worm animation did I just watch?! 🧐😂


oohrosie t1_itc92fj wrote

I remember seeing this a while back, why not post the whole thing?


OddPea420 t1_itdaru4 wrote

Same I feel like I've seen it before but maybe that's some weird deja Vu/ Mandela effect shit. I wonder if there's another category of phenomena of that kind of stuff. Like nostalgia that doesn't exist


gavinhudson1 t1_itdodwv wrote

I came to the comments to see if anyone else thought they had already seen this. OP, is this part of a series, or something you created a long time ago, posted to Reddit at that time, and just uploaded to YouTube 10 hours ago (or perhaps it's not OC, which would be disappointing but it happens on Reddit all the time)?


poplafuse t1_itee1l2 wrote

It has been posted before, but a different part. The worm was looking at seeds under a microscope. I also believe the last time I saw it in here the person that posted it was a fan of the work, not the creator


InterstitialLove t1_itcqow0 wrote

I'm pretty sure I've seen the part where he looks at the seeds through multiple colored lenses before. The youtube video says it's 6 hours old, has this been published elsewhere?

Edit: nvm, it looks like you posted it in parts a few months back and this is the finished product. Very happy to see where it landed. The first parts were enticing but the complete thing more than delivered


B33mo t1_itbolif wrote

This gives me umami vibes. Very cool, OP


PMs_You_Stuff t1_itcjirk wrote

Def r/TIHI vibes here. Interesting work though.


Xiatou t1_ite4a20 wrote

Awesome stuff! Reminds me of Felix Colgrave’s work!


phaeglos t1_itbsjhp wrote

I LOVE where your imagination lead us. You just gain a new subscriber :).


Paradiseonwheels t1_itegn97 wrote

Insane! I know what a pain in the ass animation can be, as I dabbled in it in art school. Hours and hours for sometimes just a few seconds. Yours looks amazing in any case and Im sure ur a professional, yet u must ofc still put a shitload of work in each animation. Respect!


oxfart_comma t1_itexcpq wrote

Reminds me of Fever the Ghost animation


MajorasGod t1_itbh91t wrote

Very interesting! Well done! :)


_0110- t1_itbihud wrote

This is veeeeeeery dope <3


traboulidon t1_itbtum7 wrote

Nice. Which program did you used to ceeate it? Thanks


AmyKerr12 t1_itc7g45 wrote

What’s your IG or where I can follow you? :)


InsektAnimation OP t1_itdc7iq wrote

One of the top comment points to where you can find me. I am glad youblike my content :)


krendos t1_itcluza wrote

My favorite part was the bum seed. :) Nice work. So random and quite amazing.


vaxinius t1_itclvgi wrote

Reminds me of something from Mad God


radjeck t1_itcm43c wrote

When Cartoon Network does a Scorn crossover.


ProfoundSarcasm t1_itcmobg wrote

Not sure why this reminds me of the ‘Vicarious’ music video.


LBERN t1_itcpc91 wrote

It’s like that was the point or something,


yvng_plxto t1_itcxqif wrote

hey what happened to the beautiful ass seed


Grillded t1_itd1pvf wrote

Ngl the animation is kinda wacky. That’s the only thing I have to say


udon_junkie t1_itd2fqv wrote

The animation is actually depressing, because it shows a guy drop seeds on the ground and not even bother watering, and they grow better than anything in my patio garden


CozmiCap t1_itd63uo wrote

Such trippy short, man! I love the detail especially in the part where the seeds are growing ^^


A_A-Ron_MB t1_itdhzxt wrote

I’m trying not to analyze the fuck out of this rn… amazing.


papajohnzbb t1_itdmikc wrote

This is awesome!! I love your art style. What program did you use to animate this?


Salty_Way2299 t1_itds97i wrote

Is it me or Does it look like everything is a dick


tonynuaman t1_itedq4g wrote

I like how the ass seed was just an ass and nothing more


Hephaestus_God t1_itekxm5 wrote

I loved the last parts. Can’t wait to see how the story continues.

Edit: never mind saw the full thing. Not sure why you didn’t show the last like 3 seconds in this post.


LightbulbHD t1_itekz8m wrote

What an animator you are, as a reward, I should give you my seed.


imastupididioy t1_itevtk5 wrote

Is this what smoking weed, being drunk, tripping on DMT and LSD after snorting coke, doing heroin, and meth feels like?


hill-cw t1_itewmp2 wrote

You’re very talented!!

On another note, you ok?


yunisempai t1_itf0o06 wrote

You know, i dont remember taking any shrooms today but here i am ig


paralyzedvagabond t1_itf1wu8 wrote

Was acid or shrooms the inspiration? I'm leaning towards acid


WifleYourWaifu t1_itf3chv wrote

This is really odd, somewhat disturbing..


LujIaB1od t1_itf4m3v wrote

That is without a doubt bizarre. Although, I like the sense of imagination used in this animation. Worms are fascinating creatures. 👏😮


Eldernerdhub t1_itfc12z wrote

I'm getting yellow submarine/ studio ghibli vibes



AlexMil0 t1_itfk8t0 wrote

This is awesome. The bird entry was paced weird though, there should be a couple more frames so you see where it comes from more clearly, imo.


InsektAnimation OP t1_itfkod0 wrote

Thank you. This is just snippets from a longer animated short of mine. I hope you like the timing better in the full thing :)


AlexMil0 t1_itfkswx wrote

Ah nice I will keep an eye out for that! Good work.


Basketmelonerthe13th t1_itfnrh3 wrote

Nothing has ever before made me want to see more and less of it at the same time. You are going places my friend.


HighTyd t1_itd04qq wrote

Tell me you’ve seen salad fingers without telling me you’ve seen salad fingers.