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Blueskybelowme t1_iuh3cfq wrote

I dont know much about art but I do know Fancis Bacon. By far my favorite artist. Theres a few documentaries on this guy's. Hes pretty interesting.

Edit: here's a link to "Fancis Bacon: A Brush With Violence." Free on youtube.


femininevampire OP t1_iuh8fv5 wrote

Oh, thank you so much 🥰

Bacon was such an interesting figure. His whole attitude to life strikes you as very unique, he was also very intelligent and hard-working.


LeoScott456 t1_iuh83ua wrote

this is very unusual? this is how art should look


femininevampire OP t1_iuh9ebg wrote

Francis said himself that art is artifact and the more artificial you can make a painting, the more intense they will be.


mart1373 t1_iui6f2v wrote

It’s no Rembrandt, but out of all the self-portraits, it sure is one of them.


Logothetes t1_iuh5zbu wrote

Example number 753 of 'Art' that seems to have been painted by the mentally ill/challenged.


femininevampire OP t1_iuh9glf wrote

That's nice


Logothetes t1_iuhbdaa wrote

That's the visual illustration of William Utermohlen's descent into dementia. The effects of the degenerative disease seem to parallel the post-WWII devolution of post WWII 'Art'. Certain influential art dealers seem to have decided to promote artlessness, stupidity, primitivism and ugliness, steering thus 'Western'/European Art into complete meaninglessness. And, for some unfathomable reason, we let them do this!


fermat1432 t1_iui4l2i wrote

Interesting theory! Dealers have had a powerful influence on art for a long time.