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excllsagaz t1_jduhq9z wrote

Pretty sure it's Japanese inspired. Utility poles are very Japanese city esque, the signage is in Japanese. The marking on the road in the left lane resembles "止まれ" (Tomare), which means stop. Even the roofs seem like roofs you'd see in the suburbs of Major cities to me


Oddsee t1_jdvhvvm wrote

I think it says おとせ (otose), probably スピードおとせ as in "lower your speed". Anyway the car number plates and clusterfuck of powerlines are undeniably Japan. In saying that, the overall vibe does feel very much like Australia.

But am I the only one that thinks this was AI generated from real photos with maybe some editing added on after?

Sorry OP, if you really did do this all by yourself, please take it as a compliment, but I'm just not convinced.