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edenslovelyshop t1_jdvp4v7 wrote

I wish op mentioned that this was just a photoshopped picture because I thought someone actually drew this, nice but still good to make it clear.


TidalMonkey t1_jdvv697 wrote

I’m not sure of OP’s methods but you can also draw in photoshop. It’s possible it’s photo manipulation but it is listed as digital as it’s type of creation. Either way they put in a lot of work to achieve this end product. I prefer drawn myself but that doesn’t diminish other techniques as forms of art.


edenslovelyshop t1_jdw5yow wrote

Oh I know, but just like me, many others thought from the title that it was a digital painting, aka drawn from scratch. And op stated already it was a photoshopped image. Maybe we should start adding either a digital painting as a valid type, or photo manipulation.


headphonz t1_jdwigkk wrote

I thought it was a painting and was floored at the detail.


Ok-Interaction-8805 t1_jdwnzjd wrote

Nah impossible to draw this. Art is an illusion, you can't create everything.