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YodaWars1000 t1_jdsburj wrote

Holy fuck this is incredible. If people would stop posting titty paintings every 5 minutes, amazing stuff like this would actually get upvotes.

Edit: looks like this masterpiece blew up anyway


Alcoraiden t1_jdvp6px wrote

Yeah the number of nudes in this sub is weirdly high


edenslovelyshop t1_jdvp4v7 wrote

I wish op mentioned that this was just a photoshopped picture because I thought someone actually drew this, nice but still good to make it clear.


TidalMonkey t1_jdvv697 wrote

I’m not sure of OP’s methods but you can also draw in photoshop. It’s possible it’s photo manipulation but it is listed as digital as it’s type of creation. Either way they put in a lot of work to achieve this end product. I prefer drawn myself but that doesn’t diminish other techniques as forms of art.


edenslovelyshop t1_jdw5yow wrote

Oh I know, but just like me, many others thought from the title that it was a digital painting, aka drawn from scratch. And op stated already it was a photoshopped image. Maybe we should start adding either a digital painting as a valid type, or photo manipulation.


headphonz t1_jdwigkk wrote

I thought it was a painting and was floored at the detail.


Ok-Interaction-8805 t1_jdwnzjd wrote

Nah impossible to draw this. Art is an illusion, you can't create everything.


pressNjustthen t1_jds98s7 wrote

Ok but I misread the title as “Pallet Town” and for a moment thought this was going to be an absolutely incredible Pokémon game.

I mean that in the best way, of course! Well done!


deafbat t1_jdths41 wrote

It looks great. The only thing that irks me is the sun appears to be on the left but the moon is showing a near lunar eclipse meaning the sun is behind the “photographer” and since the lunar eclipse is also highlighting the right hand side of the moon it would mean that the sun is on the other side of the world, thus this should be at night and overall not possible. But not an astronomer.

I think leaving the moon out or make the bright side the left side of the moon so it matches the location of the sun would make it more realistic.


tayro1939 t1_jdudok2 wrote

That’s assuming op wants their piece to be realistic.

Why not have 2 suns? Maybe there’s an alien spacecraft out of view shining a giant pink spot light on earth? What if it’s a solar eclipse and not a lunar eclipse? Maybe it’s from the point of view of someone on psychedelics? Maybe nothing is eclipsed and it’s just an exaggerated crescent moon shape? Or an artistic interpretation of how we embellish memories? Who cares, it’s not scientific illustration.

By all means having accurate astronomical depictions can be of the upmost importance for many artists and art styles but it’s not a requirement.


BearScience t1_jdvbgu3 wrote

its a photograph with some knock off photoshop filters. Not that much thought went into it.


Frequent_Bar5080 OP t1_jdw7hda wrote

No filters has been used to make this I use different adjustments layers to edit this and a lot of color correction


sinning_jay t1_jduyzwr wrote

Wait, this is drawn? I deadass thought this was a photograph


BearScience t1_jdvawdo wrote

its a photograph treated to look like a drawing, misleading in my opinion.


MagicOrpheus310 t1_jdu68lo wrote

Wtf... That's a street in Bondi, Sydney... Like... Holy crap that is spot on!! Incredible work OP!


excllsagaz t1_jduhq9z wrote

Pretty sure it's Japanese inspired. Utility poles are very Japanese city esque, the signage is in Japanese. The marking on the road in the left lane resembles "止まれ" (Tomare), which means stop. Even the roofs seem like roofs you'd see in the suburbs of Major cities to me


Oddsee t1_jdvhvvm wrote

I think it says おとせ (otose), probably スピードおとせ as in "lower your speed". Anyway the car number plates and clusterfuck of powerlines are undeniably Japan. In saying that, the overall vibe does feel very much like Australia.

But am I the only one that thinks this was AI generated from real photos with maybe some editing added on after?

Sorry OP, if you really did do this all by yourself, please take it as a compliment, but I'm just not convinced.


Peti501 t1_jdvg6n3 wrote

Is there a higher resolution, or some kind of link where i could download it from? I want to use it as my lock screen.


Marzipanjam t1_jdw2xkl wrote

If the buildings were more Japanese style, this would 100% give me rl sailormoon vibes. Still looks SM with the sky and moon. I love it!


ajgutyt t1_jdwgudw wrote

now need drawn versien or filter


djinnisequoia t1_jdul7kb wrote

This is so beautiful! What a wonderful pallette. One of those pictures I wish I could walk into.


Flowertree1 t1_jduln0y wrote

This is beautiful! I'll actually use it as my phone background to stare at it longer


NiklasWerth t1_jdv7j2z wrote

take me down to pastel town, where everything's a little bit nicer.


Rude_Session52 t1_jdu4c6r wrote

This is sooooper well done imo. The lighting and texturing really impressed me, as well as color values used. Keep it up!


Jolenena t1_jdvqj13 wrote

Beautiful!! What are your social medias I would love to support you!!


askf0ransw3rs t1_jdueyqo wrote

OP that night sky is mystifying! ✨💫 the telephone poles look esp detailed. I love it 💜💖


BearScience t1_jdvb7cf wrote

its a photograph


askf0ransw3rs t1_jdvbjsq wrote

Yeah and it’s detailed and edited and with a great eye, so what?


BearScience t1_jdvbvy4 wrote

its a photograph this guy didn't take with a few knock off photoshop filters on it. Relax.


askf0ransw3rs t1_jdvejbj wrote

If someone ever asked me what word is beyond enraging, it’s “relax”. Shut up.

Off-topic: I’m insanely jealous of your GD Lithuanian dream team shirt (and shorts). I emailed the artist like, a month ago bc I want to buy a shirt, but I never heard back. I also tried the Lithuanian Cultural Center (or w/e it’s called) but they also don’t have smaller sizes…any vendor suggestions?