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packeselporitz t1_jebkm6w wrote

New to r/art, what are the two things on the womens chest? Those two round things. I've seen similar ones all over r/art.

Please help me


Frosti-Feet t1_jebwwna wrote

I think they’re supposed to be stars. Some stars are depicted pointy, some are more rounded. Some you have a crisp view on, others you see blurred or even just hinted at. But every star is beautiful and unique.


Sylvan_Strix_Sequel t1_jebx8tm wrote

Every woman has two bags of sand hidden under their shirt for emergencies.

It's called the Gribble Contingency.

Turns out Andy was right all along.


furrybass t1_jeccpha wrote

Hell yeah brother, that’s titty art. Welcome to gonewild for the shy ones. Clothing takes skill to paint, so we paint tittles around here.


HeavensCriedBlood t1_jec5ee5 wrote

I'll tell you exactly what they are.

One of them is the kind of people that think they're being original clever by criticizing naked females in an art forum cuz you know, everyone is welcome in art except for naked, white females apparently.

The other one refers to people who apparently can't just not like an particular art piece and they have to spread their unnecessary negative comments/downvotes solely on the fact that it's a naked female in the art piece because God forbid artists don't conform to your inept, narrow worldview.


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_jed1q6c wrote

We don't want to see penises at all. Which is why we only see them when it's Michaelangelo. Color irrelevant.


Gibbers13 t1_jedwvuz wrote

yep, not surprised you talk like that