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crunchyfrog555 t1_je5mi8j wrote

It never fails to amaze me how the American right wingers looudly boast how "alpha" and strong and manly they are but go weak at the knees every time someone say s something that proves their beliefs wrong.

And they ban stuff, and do the whole pearl clutching and so on.

Yeah, real ALPHA behaviour there. And these types of Americans wonder why us in the rest of the world laugh at them.


Skatterbrayne t1_je6rac4 wrote

I fully agree with your comment, but either I'm too high or I think you commented on the wrong post lol, I don't see the relevance


DetectiveDamnChan t1_je6zpw1 wrote

It's because of a recent story in the US where a principal was fired from a school because he didn't inform parents that this statue was going to be shown to kids; deeming it "pornographic" and "immoral"


Skatterbrayne t1_je7045s wrote

Ahhhh and the commenter was complaining about the complainers

I get it. Thank you!


Chckyrsix t1_je6zfmd wrote

Some people are so fragile, they can't help but drag politics into everything. Nothing to see here.


Criticalhit_jk t1_je794h8 wrote

No, it's about recent news about Conservative efforts to ban books and art, which resulted in a principal of a school losing his job for having imagery of this world cultural heritage statue present for something or other. It's what this image that OP shared is flogging as a joke, presumably, with a title like "easy fix". It's absolutely reasonable to comment on current events when this is basically a political cartoon at heart


Hunter_Kuroba t1_je5hzw8 wrote

Just waiting for some idiot to try and vandalize it. Feels like only a matter of time.


Sorrow_Guy t1_je4zd0e wrote

I giggled (I love your artwork btw lol)


NeonsStyle t1_je7ve9o wrote

Pandering to religous nutjobs leads you to a type of law like Sharia law, where dogma defines what is legal! This is a return to the dark ages where the church ruled! Covering up Art, even as a joke is pandering to these bastards!


wooligano OP t1_je8oizp wrote

I respectfully disagree with your last sentence.


Drago1214 t1_je6v0xs wrote

Damn sexy Michael, scaring all the kids


KaiYoDei t1_je75yfh wrote

well, you know ... I guess there is a Borat reference to be had.

so, like others have. or maybe I just say

"insert Borat reference here"