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tolacid t1_je77nrh wrote

I don't know who this Chester Bennington is, but this piece also looks an awful lot like the late Gilbert Gottfried

Well done, either way. Very nice piece.

Edit: I've done some research, I've learned about Chester and his wealth of contributions to music in general. Turns out I'm a huge fan without ever knowing who he was. Great performer, and this piece captures him well.

Doesn't make the piece look less like Gilbert Gottfried though. Bring on the downvotes.


Business-Heart6696 t1_je7l8o2 wrote

“Bring on the downvotes”, I say, adjusting my glasses and snickering to myself. (I think I’m cool now because I’m self aware about the score of my comment)


tolacid t1_je7v2xu wrote

Nah. I'm just accepting that people didn't like that I didn't recognize someone they hold in high esteem. I learned, I shared my growth, then I stood my ground because that information didn't change my initial assessment. If anything I think I'm exactly uncool because of all that, and because of this comment explaining it. You know what I'm not, though? Insecure.

Good joke though.