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vivibuni t1_je87y55 wrote

idk, it looks real to me. i was zoomed in looking at the way the strings are connected to which pole things... looks nothing like what u linked


djddy t1_je8o83f wrote

they’re not saying it’s fake they’re saying op used this program to map out where the strings go


Hlantaart OP t1_je91nt0 wrote

No, I haven't used any programs. I've got years of practice. There's no difference to me to use threads or oils/pastel/acrylic paint


djddy t1_je9i9qt wrote

i didn’t think you did honestly. i just wanted to clarify what the other commenter meant. your artwork is amazing btw.


vivibuni t1_je9ifcl wrote

oh ty for explanation of what they meant! i didnt understand