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paktsardines t1_je8mmdo wrote

I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. History tells me that was probably my fault.

The way it works is that you supply an image to a program (probably the one I linked to) and the program gives you a set of instructions for where to place every string and what colour string to use to recreate the image as a real-life string picture (which is what OP is showing here). So OP is not so much an alien, more someone who is good at following the instructions generated by a computer program.


LuciferK9 t1_je8oplo wrote

Did OP say he used a program? Because this is definitely something you can do without using one. I've known former prisoners than learnt to do this type of art in prison and their work can be almost as impressive without computer help.

If you don't have proof that OP uses a computer program, then your comment is quite rude