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seihmusic t1_je5ll5h wrote

I don't even see how that's possible!! You can tell right away exactly who it is!! Stellar work!


CameronCrazy1984 t1_je5rnam wrote

No lie I thought that was Ruth Bader Ginsberg at first glance


Daisychains30 t1_je5vyx6 wrote

Dude are you an alien? How can a human do this? Great job


Oizys_Ghost8592 t1_je5ys7h wrote

God! Didn’t even knew this method existed. It’s truly amazing! Congrats!


sinnombre_2023 t1_je63sol wrote

amazing! how long did this take? It’s so intricate and detailed!


Adam_Ohh t1_je660xx wrote

Good golly this is INSANE!!!

Well freaking done, wow.


StatusAd279 t1_je6aux8 wrote

Miss that guy! I’m so glad they’ve been releasing their tracks from awhile back to help keep his spirit alive. Great job on the art! It looks amazing!


BrownAndyeh t1_je6d334 wrote

..look up Chester singing at Chris Cornell's funeral. Dope.


Weixian t1_je6gqot wrote

I'd like this, but I'm just so... numb.


Axle_65 t1_je6n7pm wrote

That’s insane. You should send a shot of this to the band. I think they’d love it. Well done.


DiasFlac42 t1_je6o0j6 wrote

Now this. This is art. It’s wonderful, OP. RIP Chester. You helped so many of us through a rough time in our lives.


iguesssoppl t1_je6p1en wrote

You like paint the thread after? or before? how does this even work? Good job btw.


sameol_sameol t1_je6pzph wrote

I can’t comprehend the amount of patience required for this lol. Great piece!


akahaus t1_je6so5b wrote

This is incredible, although as I scrolled absentmindedly, for a split second, I thought it was Ruth Bader Ginsberg screaming.


margaretartstuff t1_je6sraw wrote

Wow this is so amazing 👏 how long did it took you to make it?


StickyPLOP t1_je6vu4h wrote

RIP buddy. You helped me get through so much. Wish I coulda helped you.


AnniKatt t1_je712ta wrote

Holy snickerdoodles this is absolutely amazing. I never thought portraits would be possible with string, let alone portraits that are instantly recognizable.


Relsneh_666 t1_je716lt wrote

A string may have took him out but it's string that brought him back


shadowmage666 t1_je72rz1 wrote

This is actually insanely detailed must have taken a long time to make. Very nice work


i_love_pesto t1_je73398 wrote

The only celebrity death that actually effected me. Great work and thank you so much for sharing!


Heatho14 t1_je73zeu wrote

Rest in peace you absolute legend, changed so many lives.


TheQuadraticOccasion t1_je74cra wrote

Just wanted to hop in here and mention that Chester was murdered for trying to whistleblow on a pedophilia ring. He did not commit suicide. Just trying to spread the word. Fantastic artwork.


Faithless195 t1_je75t4r wrote

I wasn't a fan of their later albums which had less screaming,. Chester had a fucking beautiful voice, but he also had some amazing metal screams on him, too.

That said, that's legit awesome for being just string. The stuff people can make images out of is awesome.


SliptPsyki t1_je75twk wrote

This is amazing. Wow. Truly. I just have no words.


tolacid t1_je77nrh wrote

I don't know who this Chester Bennington is, but this piece also looks an awful lot like the late Gilbert Gottfried

Well done, either way. Very nice piece.

Edit: I've done some research, I've learned about Chester and his wealth of contributions to music in general. Turns out I'm a huge fan without ever knowing who he was. Great performer, and this piece captures him well.

Doesn't make the piece look less like Gilbert Gottfried though. Bring on the downvotes.


Destinesiya t1_je7bym1 wrote

I feel like I should be paying to see this masterpiece. Wow. Great job!!


leftysrevenge t1_je7bz76 wrote

Crawling in my string, these walls they will not nail


Lazairahel t1_je7e4dy wrote

Amazing, doesn't begin to describe this. As someone who has done a bit of string work, I just don't see how this was even possible. You are extremely talented.


Annihilator4life t1_je7hifl wrote

I did a VERY simple one of these and it killed my fingers. Did it wreck yours!?


MuttinMT t1_je7i62s wrote

What a fascinating piece. I wish I could see it in person. The skin tones are so realistic, but up close are all those subtle shadings using criss-crossing string. Just wonderfully cool.

Reminds me a lot of a Seurat painting—pointillism. The first time I saw a Seurat at a gallery, I was amazed at how the painting looked so different for each few inches the viewer moved forward. Until I got with a few inches (or as close as I could get without the guard growling at me), then the colors stood out individually. So intricate.


Gravey91 t1_je7je13 wrote

I'm stunned Awesome piece of art!


MegamanExecute t1_je7l2oj wrote

Super nice!

(Also has some "Waiting for the end" vibes)


Draxzi t1_je7lh2q wrote

Omg that's fantastic! Very nice work.


DiligentHelicopter60 t1_je7nd2i wrote

I love this so much! He’s from Lincoln Park right? Man, what a horrible tragedy. I wish we could have done something for him.


SirAdrian0000 t1_je7sdrt wrote

Nice work! What is the dimension of this work? Are those thumb tacks the string is wrapped around?


Hackerboy360 t1_je7tf0t wrote

It's amazing, you should post it on r/linkinpark


BunBison t1_je7u3mp wrote

This is awesome. Would love to see a time-lapse of it.

RIP chester . Happy 20th anniversary to meteora


tolacid t1_je7v2xu wrote

Nah. I'm just accepting that people didn't like that I didn't recognize someone they hold in high esteem. I learned, I shared my growth, then I stood my ground because that information didn't change my initial assessment. If anything I think I'm exactly uncool because of all that, and because of this comment explaining it. You know what I'm not, though? Insecure.

Good joke though.


kiwanyuh t1_je7xln9 wrote

S t u n n i n g 🤯😱🤯😱🤯😱🤯😱 It looks like a lot of hard work, and it’s p e r f e c t. I think it would have made him happy 💙


Moobob66 t1_je7xp8p wrote

If you're gonna honor him, please make sure you mention what he was trying to say before unaliving himself.


Brandillio t1_je7y8fh wrote

“With meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” I can hear this art 😌


5p4c37r166 t1_je81xep wrote

It starts with one string I don’t know why


Rockalot_L t1_je82d3c wrote

This is amazing but it also makes me so u comfortable to look at, anyone else?


Dire-Dog t1_je839lu wrote

Aww fuck I miss Chester so much


missusmullie88 t1_je871jn wrote

Beautiful work! What is the finished size of the piece?


Buttercup-5415 t1_je88wqi wrote

Wait, so did you run his image into that AI program, then recreate what it produced with actually nails and string? Or is this the AI generated image? If it’s the AI generated image it shouldn’t be described as being string art. That’d be pretty misleading.


OkSelection6998 t1_je89juf wrote

RIP Legend. The 2 new previously unreleased tracks for Meteora 20th anniversary have been on repeat.


FirstQuantumImmortal t1_je8deiu wrote

What a young age to go. Atleast he left a legendary impression before he went. Looks amazing, by the way.


ozgar t1_je8e47d wrote

Nobody thus far in the comments seems to have understood that that app you linked on github gives the coordinates to place the strings.

I did.

So you got that going for ya, which is nice,

Edit: Above linked app is like Lego instructions for inputting a picture and it creates the points and lines map for you. Paint by numbers .exe.

>This tool generates string art from any picture of your choice. Pegs are first placed on the frame, and then a single-color thread is repeatedly ran from peg to peg in a straight line. The stacked segments progressively recreate the original image. This process was popularized by Petros Vrellis.

>The monochrome mode uses a single thread, while the color mode uses 3 distinct threads. The result can be exported in the SVG format.


xPlacentapede t1_je8eamw wrote

Oh some artwork of Ches -


Did that picture have sound?


funguyshy t1_je8ig8m wrote

Can you do a video on how you do this?


paktsardines t1_je8mmdo wrote

I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. History tells me that was probably my fault.

The way it works is that you supply an image to a program (probably the one I linked to) and the program gives you a set of instructions for where to place every string and what colour string to use to recreate the image as a real-life string picture (which is what OP is showing here). So OP is not so much an alien, more someone who is good at following the instructions generated by a computer program.


Jesta23 t1_je8n7uu wrote

Do you think you would be the most famous artist ever if you were born 2,000 years ago or burned at the stake?


LuciferK9 t1_je8oplo wrote

Did OP say he used a program? Because this is definitely something you can do without using one. I've known former prisoners than learnt to do this type of art in prison and their work can be almost as impressive without computer help.

If you don't have proof that OP uses a computer program, then your comment is quite rude


OkBid1535 t1_je8vcnt wrote

This is absolutely stunning! He would love it. A true legend gone far too soon


Kailmo t1_je8vvqz wrote

I want to get into string art.


Hlantaart OP t1_je91gll wrote

I didn't use any soft in my works except for Gimp 2.0 to make a grid for a sketch. I use threads like an oil paint or pencils and "draw" with them. If it was a classic oil portrait you wouldn't doubt if it was made by an AI or human. What's the difference?


Cunt_Bag t1_je93lee wrote

Hey no worries, I was using they as I didn't want to assume gender from the quick scroll I did. You're super talented, sorry people are quick to jump on the AI bandwagon!


CreativismUK t1_je95hm8 wrote

This is amazing work - how do you even begin to learn to do this? I have made lots of portraits with layers of cut paper but just blows my mind.


Hlantaart OP t1_je95s4a wrote

I'm drawing with different mediums since 2008 It was 2018 and I was frustrated after Chester passed away, and a friend of mine said that people do butterflies, ships and stars using threads and nails. So we decided to create cactus. It turned into Chester though. Actually, this one is the remake of my very first string art.


pvrellis t1_je95si5 wrote

Congratulations for the amazing work Hlantaart!

There is a conversion about if this artwork was created with the help of a computer.

My guess is that this artwork was created without a computer, but with brain-power only. The pioneer for this type of string-art was Kumi Yamashita, which created stunning projects about a decade ago.

Then in 2016, a computational form of string-art was introduced, where nails are placed around (and not inside) the "painting" area. Only this latter form of string art definitely cannot be created without a computer.

Please notice that Hlantaart places the nails all over the artwork; this type of artwork can be created without a computer. It is similar to using ink on paper.

Keep up your great work Hlantaart!


LordofDescension t1_je990j0 wrote

I remember having to pull my car over to the side of the road when I heard the bad news over the radio. RIP dude.


dolphin37 t1_je9af9n wrote

rip :(

I need something of him on my wall!


stails_art t1_je9amax wrote

RIP 🙏;-;

Also amazing art! ☆~☆


Speedwise85 t1_je9qcqd wrote

This is amazing! Seeing it first thing in the AM and it’s triggered my yawn reflex


dgz345 t1_jea1g6l wrote

That's one complex murder case. I'm trying to follow the red line here.


Boneal171 t1_jeatdv7 wrote

I can here him singing “Numb” inside my head. It’s still hard to believe that he’s gone


PoppinRobin1129 t1_jeax6sk wrote

I don’t even understand how people do this with strings and get all that detail. This is amazing!


Buckstain t1_jeb4c25 wrote

Wow, i want this piece of art soooo bad!! Amazing


love_all_music t1_jegrwza wrote

What a legend!! This is beautiful, you are so skilled