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burgercourt t1_ixjtf45 wrote

It is baffling how many people think we don’t need gun control.


Basic-Machine9880 t1_ixknbm0 wrote

Yes, it is baffling. There is car control. Neither guns nor cars are sentient. Threats should be taken seriously and authorities should be able by law to act when threats are made.


Cmyers1980 t1_ixjy24b wrote

What gun control measures are you referring to?


_Blackstar t1_ixk3dnd wrote

Probably ones that don't allow a man that threatened to blow up his mom's house and had the police called to the scene, then go out and buy a rifle and pistol to use to shoot up a gay bar.

I'm an avid gun owner but these shootings and all this hatred need to stop. And it's a lot easier to restrict access to something than it is to change a human mind.


Cmyers1980 t1_ixk67dr wrote

>Probably ones that don't allow a man that threatened to blow up his mom's house and had the police called to the scene, then go out and buy a rifle and pistol to use to shoot up a gay bar.

I agree.


Kisopop t1_ixm3vtq wrote

That would violate his second amendment right. At that point you could just assume literally anyone is mentally unfit to own a gun and then we have a bigger problem.


_Blackstar t1_ixmb1ei wrote

>violate his second amendment right.

The second amendment needs to be amended. When it was written, things like mental health and stability were not accounted for, weaponized zealotry and hatred were not accounted for. It's a 231 year old document, it's absolutely insane to me that as a country we don't do a better job of keeping things like that modern. Then again, a good chunk of the US worships a man that was written in a book 2000 years ago so I shouldn't be too surprised I guess.


birdcil t1_ixm97k3 wrote

Medical marijuana patients aren't allowed to own guns, yet these people are.


lininop t1_ixmlmza wrote

What sort of dumb ass slippery slope fallacy argument is this? Are you implying that everyone makes threats like this? Or that his right to own a boom stick is more important than the lives of the people he killed?


helfrichi t1_ixm3lez wrote

You’re gonna have to find another way. It’s a constitutional right and the genie is already out of the bottle. They are absolutely prolific


Rmyblue t1_ixm3ipw wrote

There's literally 1000's of gun control laws already... yes thousands


ENLOfficial t1_ixm7isj wrote

But we need at least 4 more and then crime will stop! I promise! … I hate this political crap in an art sub.


h4724 t1_ixm9oi1 wrote

You have a weird perception of art if you don't think it should have anything to do with politics.


ENLOfficial t1_ixmaq2e wrote

This is some low effort, low quality, propaganda advert “art”. Sure, art is used all the time to push political agendas but the vast majority of high quality art is not created for the sole purpose of pushing a political message.


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C0me_Al0ng_With_Me t1_ixjqnpo wrote

I live in a simi-urban area outside detroit. Generally considered safe. But I still jump to action and check all my doors and windows every time I hear a bang from my neaboring apartments. Can't be 2 safe.


Theoldage2147 t1_ixl8j6t wrote

Haha nothing to be alarmed of it’s just another mass shooting. Not like we’re under attack by terrorists or anything


spitefulIncentive t1_ixnx8en wrote

And Republicans are already trying to say it was justified. What a surprise.


burgercourt t1_ixrb7xk wrote

Of course they don’t care, because the most recent victims have been queer people. It’s always “dun takes away muh guns!” until their communities start being affected by it.


DasMoonen t1_ixmbf6o wrote

Can someone please tell me who else signs like that. It is it a logo? The “P” that makes a huge oval through everything. My first thought was I know that signature but from where.


Amykateism OP t1_ixn8x67 wrote

Idk who else signs like that but I’ve had a few pieces do really well on here so maybe you’ve just seen those?

But I’m also not that cool, so you probably have just seen a similar signature elsewhere haha


DasMoonen t1_ixn98th wrote

Honestly it might be that Iv seen your work before!


droidman85 t1_ixlcsnk wrote

usa in mass shootings: All is well moving on after the dust sets


[deleted] t1_ixlrcpd wrote

It's almost like we want this to happen.


George_Tirebiter420 t1_ixm1cib wrote

A nice portrait of the shooter's mugshot would be cool.