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soliisky t1_iy0srr4 wrote

the colors on this are so sick, love it!


Doeliing t1_iy1bctn wrote

This is absolutely FANTASTIC!! Beautiful work, you did such an incredible job :]


Premium_Woman t1_iy1klt1 wrote

Amazing artwork, I fell like you can write an entire story based on this one picture.


ottereckhart t1_iy0xcqx wrote

This hits me in the feels. I love it so much. <3


14-28 t1_iy1nraj wrote

Awww i live right near a railway line that stretches through fields for miles and we get foxes hollering to one another and its freaky as fuck cos they sound in pain but its just how they talk lol

This is lovely. Immediately made me feel for the subject of the artwork. Well done.


metaStatic t1_iy2bupw wrote

"What da fox say?" blood curdling scream

oh. dear. god.


foggy-sunrise t1_iy35l8x wrote

It literally sounds like a woman screaming in terror.

Like I always think someone is in trouble trying to get someone's attention for help when I hear foxes shrieking.


pileodung t1_iy3fc3s wrote

We have them around me in Georgia too! It's actually disturbing, especially when you hear them catch a larger animal. Shutters


Swampberry t1_iy2gghp wrote

I'm getting the vibe that they're dead and sort of passing over, but together. Is that intentional?


Lonelysock2 t1_iy31123 wrote

Me too. The image makes me sad just on its own (mainly the colours), but then I actually look and see what it might me about, and I almost can't look at it. It's really weird, it might be the saddest (fictional) picture I've ever seen. It's really affecting me


bmbreath t1_iy3lstc wrote

I was thinking it was to show the unnatural and scary tone of the human lights, and they're passing into the city which is full of dangers.


silver_fawn t1_iy36mee wrote

Same, it's giving me strong "ending scene of Plague Dogs" vibes.


flybydenver t1_iy23iyz wrote

Mesmerizing and beautiful work, from the title, to the visual, bravo!

Edit: this has an especially moving message for me tonight! I just now returned from a long road trip and a coyote passed between our truck, and a semi in front, maybe an 80ft distance. It seemed to pass through casually, at half speed, toying with the traffic. Time slowed for us and the coyote. It stared me in the eyes as if to say “we are all in this together”. I imagine that after the moment, it returned to the edge of the road, just to play again with the newcomers.


yesaxelismyrealname t1_iy11j1w wrote

I love the translucent hue blue you used for the lights. Unique style.


DeepspaceDigital t1_iy1rbs6 wrote

Congrats on finishing this amazing combination of imagination and skill.


acfox13 t1_iy1rcq1 wrote

Ha! I love foxes (see username). This looks awesome!


DinoTuesday t1_iy25v55 wrote

This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your art.


sneksneek t1_iy2fe3i wrote

This is my favorite thing I’ve seen of yours. I hope you keep making more in this style!


Crhallan t1_iy2jec0 wrote

For those that read them, this absolutely hits the vibes of Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch.

u/sarcasticsnowleopard can I have your permission to cross a post to a couple of sites I use, with credit to you and a link to here?


sarcasticsnowleopard OP t1_iy4dqjy wrote

Yes that would be fine! Let me know where you cross post it! :)


Crhallan t1_iy4x7k1 wrote

There is a large group on Facebook called “Lord Grants Irregulars” who are huge fans of the series. I’ll post it there, there will be no issues with image theft from that bunch 😁

Also crossposted to riversoflondon sub.


toepin t1_iy2b77k wrote

This is wonderful. The title makes it so heartwarming too!


naathing t1_iy2cp5s wrote

Amazing! I'll take it as a sign this came into my feed


bijoubaybee t1_iy2f97s wrote

this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.seriously.


Unlucky_Ad_2456 t1_iy2mt1k wrote

the ethereal lights remind me of how the whole world changes and becomes more vibrant when you’re with someone you love. beautiful.


OrganicHair9951 t1_iy2mvz8 wrote

dear god it’s disrespectful how beautiful this is. and the choice of color for the lighting ? 😮‍💨


_bufflehead t1_iy4cbq1 wrote

I feel so touched by this painting.


Mr_Bumsmell t1_iy2bwwy wrote

This is brilliant. I'd love to see a digital realistic version


bremstar t1_iy2li1y wrote

At first glance the colors made me think of the boxart for NES 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'.


__silentstorm__ t1_iy2u6ru wrote

Beautiful. I love the art style. Just one thing - shouldn't the light cones start from the closest corner of the lamps?


wildcard1992 t1_iy3t6vs wrote

The entire lamp isn't emitting light, just the light bulb in the upper section of the lamp.


__silentstorm__ t1_iy7ctyy wrote

yes, but it emits light in all directions, which is then limited to a “cone” by the opaque sides


Theta-Sigma45 t1_iy3kp7d wrote

Stuff like this makes me tear up for some reason. Such a mundane setting made utterly beautiful.


Cubensio t1_iy4aeey wrote

Nice use of color for the lighting 🤩


Upbeat-Percentage657 t1_iy4dkb9 wrote

Hi, are you open for commission? I’ll like you to a pictures of my pet for me


Doktor_Vem t1_iy4hpto wrote

Holy fuck, this is awesome! So very well done! The way you painted the colours changing with the light is extremely impressive! :D


bigNwobbly t1_iy4k0xx wrote

this is so beautiful. I love the colors and the lighting. The fox is so cute too.


abbaloveternal1 t1_iy4xuja wrote

I love the use of space and the colors. Wow with the starry night opening where the paired mates are walking out into. Love this art piece! Thanks for sharing.


cukapig t1_iy47lz1 wrote

The sign looks like its in the wrong direction. Mayb its just me.


StrayRabbit t1_iy2slbb wrote

Looks like someone has been enjoying mushies