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ananxiouscat t1_iv5ntn5 wrote

lovely anatomy! you nailed this, and the expression is so much fun.

random sidebar: my partner is MtF and one of their biggest insecurities is the "man gut" or how male bodies carry muscle and fat around their stomachs. for too long id insensitively say "what?? you're too analytical, that's not a thing and if it is you don't have it!" then the Baader-Meinhof appears in all its glory, like this post, to show me how different male bodies are.

i have my BFA and did life drawing for years but only had female models to work from (only women seemed to volunteer) so this was something i was literally never exposed to.

EDIT: sorry for not knowing details about male anatomy...please leave me alone stop messaging me i just wanted to share a perspective and the transphobia isn't nice either


No_North_8522 t1_iv5x5lw wrote

Never been to a beach/pool before?


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No_North_8522 t1_iv60dzn wrote

So your assertion is that I've never touched grass because I noticed how men and women's bodies differ by seeing them in a casual setting? No need to ""hyper-analyze"" to see that men carry weight differently.


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