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Weedes1984 t1_ixk3gwz wrote

I see a shirtless man in suspenders scratching his back with a back scratcher.

Edit: I love it.


THEFANTASTICMAN21 t1_ixkvujq wrote

How do you see that? I see the hip of a woman


Peanut2232 t1_ixl7gvz wrote

Imagine the upper torso of the women is the back of a head.

The hip is his curved back as he slightly hunches over.


THEFANTASTICMAN21 t1_ixlhlzg wrote

I just can’t seem to see it idk


siredward85 t1_ixljdyy wrote

Took me a while but even after seeing that, I still see a hip of a woman in sexy lingerie. Nice work OP. All your work is nice.


Mertuch t1_ixlebs1 wrote

>ved back as he slightly hunches over.

Fuck. I should just comment and leave. Now I've read your comment and can't throw away this man from my head


CazRaX t1_ixlsxx4 wrote

Sure sure, but why would I do that when I see the woman in lingerie?


Weedes1984 t1_ixne2kc wrote

I came back to this today and the first thing I saw was the hip of a woman in lingerie. I still see the man in suspenders, too.


Sonabaybeach t1_ixkhvyh wrote

I saw a 3 headed demon crouching on his multiple bendy arms….and then got the pic


kenkoda t1_ixlxdz0 wrote

Same.... This, I found the other busty woman.

But the mid-30s beer belly man with a kink definitely popped out first for me 😂👌


MikeAppleTree t1_ixl26cx wrote

It’s a cave painting of a human figure holding a spear and a shield while scratching its head.


onetimenative t1_ixmb9t9 wrote

The first I saw too was big fat man with suspenders ... took me a sec to see what it was


Cilarne t1_ixjfuy2 wrote

Reminds me of that strokes album cover!


BlairTheWitch767 t1_ixkbmdo wrote

If it weren't for the nsfw mark I wouldn't even think this was sexual I would have thought it was some sort of abstract piece


towelroll t1_ixkeeaj wrote

I still thought it was going to be an abstract piece. 🤷🏻‍♂️


DangerMacAwesome t1_ixky1iv wrote

Had to look at it 3 times to see the woman in lingerie lol


SketchiiChemist t1_ixl9f4m wrote

...Dang really? Stocking into garter belt with that cheek? Recognized it instantly from thumbnail lol


Ok_Concentrate3969 t1_ixn0zzy wrote

Yeah, is this a wind up? All I can see is the sexy lingerie. Can't unsee it. This is like the blue/white dress thing all over again


CazRaX t1_ixlt2vz wrote

Human brain is amazing, you saw abstract art while I saw the woman instantly and others are seeing a shirtless man scratching his back.


JGHFunRun t1_ixk1cma wrote

Damn I was hoping for something that’s not sexual


lininop t1_ixm9z5k wrote

Then you're in the wrong subreddit lmao


JGHFunRun t1_iybe374 wrote

IKR, but it comes into my homepage anyways


lininop t1_iydrpvm wrote

You can block subs


JGHFunRun t1_iydwibr wrote

I haven’t found the button, I’ve found guides but attempting to apply them they send out of date


Samtoast t1_ixmtzzp wrote

You're at 69 upvotes and i love that.


Furrphag t1_ixleqg2 wrote

Ok I see the woman’s body and upper legs now, at first all I saw was a man bending over pulling his pants down 😭🤷‍♂️


FajenThygia t1_ixjujvo wrote

Scrolling past; I keep thinking I saw a small revolver. There are a few shapes in the black that seem suggestive of that…


jltyper t1_ixkdtf6 wrote

Yes there's a revolver, but do you see the animals?


BlargTheElder t1_ixkmyrp wrote

I'm surprised he didn't see the penis I mean my mom the hidden face.


Clarky_Carrot t1_ixlfqgn wrote

I had to read the comments to breakdown what it was suppose to be. I see a guy in a straight jacket facing away to the right :L


laureidi t1_ixknxr7 wrote

I love the hint of a lace texture! Very well done!


Babel1027 t1_ixk4s67 wrote

I too find that color and configuration makes me happy.

Well done.


hobofeet t1_ixm37ko wrote

Looks messy, but watercolor isn't easy. Keep at it.


Living-Day-By-Day t1_ixm40a0 wrote

My thoughts exactly. The underwear looks out of place with the white space. But looks like an good foundation.

Wouldn't by any chance call it an Master piece or something mind boggling. But it's an start which usually is the hardest if there is no reference or modeln


thered90 t1_ixl8u38 wrote

Curious as to why you’d leave your pencil lines in? I would’ve though they’d be erased before framing? Or is it normal to leave them in?


Art_Anna OP t1_ixlap01 wrote

Great question, I've noticed some artists leave the sketch on purpose. I left them because at that moment the paper was wet, then I took them off.


HelloFutureQ2 t1_ixl0ufh wrote

You marked it NSFW and now all i can see is a man hunched over trying to pee


redditslayer95 t1_ixl32fp wrote

At first, it looked a little abstract but then I squinted and was like 😯😲


DARKKN1GHT453 t1_ixm2ro9 wrote

Any color is a happy color in the context of thigh-highs


littlekittylover t1_ixmekcc wrote

Is this itttttt?

Is thissss it?

Is this... it?


exquisitedeadguy83 t1_ixmmbn0 wrote

I love this art piece. Would gladly hang it on my walls. But as someone who has worked in custom framing, I would suggest that a thicker black frame would do it more justice.


_1138_ t1_ixlf3if wrote

Very good and incredibly cool painting


MrsBarbarian t1_ixlwvjt wrote

Beautiful! Really lovely use of watercolour. You just don't see undergarments like that anymore Pepper.


neodiogenes t1_ixm382r wrote

Mod here. Once again it's that time to remind everyone to read the rules before commenting because we are ornery and cantankerous and don't believe in "moderation" in moderation.

Why yes, I am a boomer. How perceptive of you to acknowledge.


lvl100loser t1_ixmj60k wrote

I’d dare you to paint me but I don’t think there’s a canvas big enough


TheWayToBe714 t1_ixlmpo1 wrote

I thought it was the bump of a pregnant woman


whitstableboy t1_ixly5da wrote

I turn up at a house and this is hanging in the living room, I'm leaving. And no, I don't want to see your dungeon before I go,


withfr0st t1_ixjz51n wrote

This is so incredibly beautiful! Perfect execution!


Mertuch t1_ixle8q2 wrote

I'm amazed how a few stripes with the brush can be transformed into beautiful painting.

Well done!


Disastrous-Plum-1884 t1_ixk5f4d wrote

I wrote a poem with this EXACT lingerie in mind as I was writing a description. Woah!!


bluebunny20 t1_ixklbcn wrote

What is your IG? I love this


TheLastBoat t1_ixly35i wrote

Black is not a color, it is a shade. The absence of color.


Maddcapp t1_ixkqpvc wrote

I really like it. I love the watercolor technique, the color and concept. Sassy yet not distasteful.


peepeeland t1_ixkxb2x wrote

Ribcage area is pretty nice.


peasil t1_ixjhfw2 wrote

How is a bunch of black lines make black a happy color?


Art_Anna OP t1_ixji1zs wrote

Black underwear…


peasil t1_ixjisdl wrote

Wait... I don't see it...


Ihatemakingnameslol t1_ixjj060 wrote

?? It’s a woman wearing tights, garters, and panties that are black lol


BirbBoiYT t1_ixjp0z3 wrote

Yeah I didn't see it at first either 💀


peasil t1_ixjt2is wrote

Glad I'm not the only one


Ihatemakingnameslol t1_ixjv87h wrote

it’s okay lol!!


peasil t1_ixjvhs7 wrote

With all the downvotes you would swear I said something outlandish


Ihatemakingnameslol t1_ixjvpaq wrote

To be honest, the way you said it originally made it seem like you were disgusted by the art or something. Tone seem less confused and more judgmental. I don’t blame you for not seeing it but also don’t blame the people misinterpreting it as hate.


peasil t1_ixjw5n0 wrote

How else could I of said it? The caption doesn't make sense if you see it as just a bunch of black lines and that's what I was seeing till you said it so I'm genuinely don't know how else to say it with out it sounding bad.


Ihatemakingnameslol t1_ixjweh0 wrote

I think referring to anyone’s art as just “a bunch of lines” seems demeaning to most people. “Wait, am I missing something? I can’t find the subject, or is it abstract?” Would probably be taken better lol.


peasil t1_ixjwom2 wrote

Okay thanks I'll keep that in mind


[deleted] t1_ixk0epk wrote



peasil t1_ixk0vc3 wrote

No my brain just didn't see the image until after it was explained