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johnsolomon t1_ixstysa wrote

I will admit that I could have done without seeing this, but great work


MrKobayashiMaru t1_ixt50bq wrote

I'm sick with a cold and somehow have pink eye at the same time. This is exactly how I look and feel.


efisk666 t1_ixssck5 wrote

I’m in bed with sinusitis and this is pretty much how I feel.


gileha4499 t1_ixt8jfe wrote

Thanks, I hate it


Great art OP


De4dly_s0ulss420 t1_ixtc92t wrote

Now this.. this is what nightmares are made of, but still. An absolute masterpiece


Apprehensive-Net2687 t1_ixtfv07 wrote

The longer I look at this the more I notice, and the more disturbing it gets. Beautifully done


SaltySculpts OP t1_ixtfzmh wrote

When you look into the mouth at the right angle you can see the tongue and that little dingle dangle thing.


stormrockox t1_ixt9hdz wrote

I dislike it, but in a good way. Great job OP


32mafiaman t1_ixtjkxd wrote

This looks like something from the old cartoon called Real Monsters.


PsychohistorySeldon t1_ixtszib wrote

The mucus is just schleem. Just use it to smooth out the dingle bop and reuse it for later batches.


Spacecoasttheghost t1_ixul6ey wrote

This shit is gross, and I love it. You nailed the shot out of it, very nice work.


Stillstuckinarizona t1_ixtprya wrote

This really is good.

It reminds me of this collectible toy that I had as a kid called 'Madballs' and a series of trading cards called 'Garbage Pail Kids'.


SaltySculpts OP t1_ixuvuc5 wrote

I’m an 80’s kid. I know these things very very well. You ever have Boglins? :)


bluewhite185 t1_ixtwzq2 wrote

Love it. Especially the teeth.

PS can i use it as my profile pic next time im stuck with a cold? :-D


Speeddymon t1_ixufsza wrote

I also love it, and I love that you're ASKING PERMISSION omg! In truth, I want to just make this my profile pic for a long time, but I won't do so.

I hope OP gives you permission.


SaltySculpts OP t1_ixuw70y wrote

I’m sick as fuck right now with RSV. Sure thing, have at it. lol πŸ˜‚


Hostillian t1_ixtxngq wrote

Gotta say. It's awful and very well done. 😁

Nice work.


uwillnotgotospace t1_ixuodk6 wrote

Battle with a Slimy Opponent begins playing in the background.


qunya t1_ixuscna wrote

This is me when I was sick with the cowid))


sojayn t1_ixwlp7z wrote

Love. Saving it because I know it will effortlessly send sympathy to a friend someday who needs a representation of how it feels. All credit to your mastery mate!


SteinFresser t1_ixtjhty wrote

The colors are just perfect.


SaltySculpts OP t1_ixtk7au wrote

Thank you! My wife chose the body Color from a picture of an actual snail and I just tried my best to replicate :)


_LocoLizard t1_ixtp61d wrote

This is awesome. I love everything about it and honestly might use it as inspiration for a trippy drawing


soda-jerk t1_ixtr0ts wrote

The mucus looks like Gak. I can smell it. 🀒


SaltySculpts OP t1_ixuvknj wrote

I loved that stuff. Do you remember when they came out with the scented one. They had a popcorn scented gak that legit made my mom gag to the point of vomiting. It was awesome lmao


soda-jerk t1_ixweqb4 wrote

That's the one I'm smelling! What are you, a wizard?


YJeezy t1_ixu8jvy wrote

Damn. Thought it was a dab rig!


SaltySculpts OP t1_ixuwl6d wrote

Lmao 🀣 I used a dab rig a lot while making it.


YJeezy t1_ixv24vn wrote

This piece is fire bro. Can't imagine what the hardcore collectors would let go for a piece like this!


MagnaCamLaude t1_ixubmqy wrote

Someone was allowed to watch Ren & Stimpy before bed


shiggityshwat t1_ixudt81 wrote

Aside from being hilarious, this is really well done. Would love to see how you achieved that skin texture, those teeth, the pupils, etc.


Xogoth t1_ixugsv8 wrote

It looks really well done, and I'm happy for you, but I fucking hate it. Did not need some Earthworm Jim hyper-realism type shit this morning.


redditknees t1_ixv3tin wrote

Omg this is fuckin brilliant


Wolfen459 t1_ixvjnne wrote

Are these available somewhere on Amazon?
This looks amazing and i want one in my garden.


MrHundread t1_ixvng1m wrote

Halloween was last month, sorry to break the news.

Not to say that this is anything short of impressive.


SaltySculpts OP t1_ixvrh4u wrote

You limit yourself to one day a year for creepy stuff? lmao sounds like you problem, not a me problem.


Old-Pick-3997 t1_ixzdu8f wrote

Surprised the brain is not smooth


SaltySculpts OP t1_ixzs7kz wrote

Like the mods from r/wtf and r/atbge lol fucking mouth breathers