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ContributionDapper84 t1_iy7zj3b wrote

Supercool. Could you expand on this to make a graphic novel chapter, even if it's loose on the narrative, like those "tales from the loop" drawings?


ironangel2k3 t1_iy8f35s wrote

Someone has been playing too much Scorn

Very good work!


Gothicpotato6 t1_iy81d2y wrote

That’s so cool. Reminds me of H.R. Giger .


DeeJayE2001 t1_iyak29u wrote

This for some reason reminds me of Miquella and Malenia from Elden Ring with a H.R Giger style, either way though, this is fantastic work!


Herald_of_Zena OP t1_iyal6t6 wrote

It probably has something to do with Miquella cacooning himself and being kidnapped. And the big sister with the prosthetics, I can see the similarities indeed!


PooPartySoraka t1_iyawwez wrote

wow, your visual imagination is awesome! this rules! have you read the manga Blame!, op?