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ninjesh t1_j0f2lb9 wrote

Thought this was an Electrode at first


windingtime t1_j0f4oew wrote

There’s one of those and another based on the scoreboard at Fenway park in an office building in Boston.


woden_spoon t1_j0g7qfx wrote

I live in Burlington, VT near where Fisk lives. There are a few of these spheres around. My favorite is a steam engine that you can go inside of through a little door, and there are levers and cranks inside. My son used to play inside it when he was a toddler. It was a permanent installation at the railway station, before they revamped the station for a new Amtrak line.


weltron3030 t1_j0hb3ta wrote

If he's in VT, he must have done the structure featured on the cover of the Phish album Round Room.


woden_spoon t1_j0hb727 wrote

He did, in fact.


youenjoymyself t1_j0hc12k wrote

Gotta go to NJ for The Rhombus.


woden_spoon t1_j0hchqu wrote

Been there! But not because of Phish. I appreciate Phish, and have been to a couple of their festivals in the late ‘90s, but I’m not really a fan. I’ve met them all—I see a couple of them on a regular basis—but jam isn’t my jam.

Edit: Appropriate username, by the way.


DillonD t1_j0japr8 wrote

On high street there are some modeled after the mbta trains


_Matthijn t1_j0hkilc wrote

There’s on in Amsterdam in a shopping mall called Gelderlandplein too.


RedSarc t1_j0fcxq7 wrote

Who remembers BigWeld?


drake90001 t1_j0gi5xm wrote

Just watched that movie last week. It’s on Disney plus if anyone wants a trip.


Chromattix t1_j0f9uq8 wrote

This is so cool! Such a neat and fun idea. Bonus if you can climb into it and look out the windows.


SensationalGlyph t1_j0g9x0c wrote

It's a bit too small for a person to fit in. But the door handle works and the door hinges out. The interior is built out accurately with a mini seat and a whole dash etc.

I've had the chance to work with Lars twice on some stuff and he's a great guy, really goes the extra mile to build verisimilitude into his pieces.


joe28598 t1_j0gdlxn wrote

I have only heard the word verisimilitude once, and it was a Norm MacDonald joke, along with the word sesquipedality.


SensationalGlyph t1_j0gfz8y wrote

My other option was verité 🤷‍♂️


joe28598 t1_j0gjx0p wrote

And why not use layman terms when speaking to the general public? I assume you know that most people don't know what verisimilitude means.


SensationalGlyph t1_j0gz6j2 wrote

Fair enough I guess?

Google is always an option and the word seemed to fit.

I'll try again 'I appreciate the extra effort he puts in to make his works accurately reflect reality'


joe28598 t1_j0h3h9i wrote

I understand the want to use nice words, I love using them, but when in the company of people who appreciate it.

But language is use to communicate, if you use words unknown by most you may as well be speaking another language. Imo


SensationalGlyph t1_j0h6wdh wrote

Well you know what they say about opinions. Thanks for looking out for the little guys out there bud 😉


Marimro t1_j0g6qx7 wrote

In norwegian our name for the VW beetle is 'boble', which means bubble. So this image made perfect sense to my norwegian speaking brain


T-Mc-27 t1_j0g51zp wrote

Looks like something Dr.Eggman would have


EdanVix t1_j0gvd8n wrote

He rolls up in a VW ball and the headlights hide the jets.


numb3r51nmyn4m3 t1_j0go8uq wrote

In just moments, the Vegan Vegeta will emerge from it.


Omnithea t1_j0fezdy wrote

It rolls and rolls and rolls...


Wthq4hq4hqrhqe t1_j0fih74 wrote

oh man, this one is really gonna fuck up my neck

  • deadmaus

shangula t1_j0gaywf wrote

And what kind of drugs do the VW designers take?


SpectralIpaxor t1_j0gf859 wrote

Bro the new PokeBall looks insane


Mirabolis t1_j0gmyme wrote

A German engineered, reasonably priced, (apparently) fuel efficient PokeBall.


Kerlyle t1_j0h4ywj wrote

Only catches German Pokemon and hippies


HarioDinio t1_j0gpb4q wrote

Ya know, this isnt exactly how i remember that guy from Robots looked.


Endonae t1_j0fqb6g wrote

OMG it's real, not a render!


Ambiwlans t1_j0gq84g wrote

I thought it was a diffusion/ai and was impressed by the reflection


trelam88 t1_j0g6lca wrote

That must be one of those new apricot balls in Pokemon. I see people comparing to the pokemon themselves but not to balls you catch them with. This is super cool! I wish I had something like this to decorate my garden, lol


Zero111of160cru t1_j0gaaaz wrote

Looks like it would make a decent head for a mech suit.


Mister_Moho t1_j0gaaje wrote


I want to sit inside and go on a roll.


_kevx_91 t1_j0gel9c wrote

Looks like the floating robot from Flubber.


TheCleanWook t1_j0glza9 wrote

My room is round when I lay down, when I wake up it's square


TommyTuttle t1_j0hanwa wrote

I feel like this artwork is not valid unless I can climb inside and roll it around like a hamster ball


gendabenda t1_j0hedan wrote

Somewhere, off in the distance, the cross-collab team at VW and Rocket League felt a distinct disturbance in the force.

(This is awesome btw)


LeibnizThrowaway t1_j0hf4ng wrote

It's stuff like this that makes me sad I didn't go to art school.


soapresidue t1_j0hhxwg wrote

Reminds me on an old bmw tiny car model


JDHannan t1_j0hkzbw wrote

Wait, is this a real, physical thing?


AlyVox t1_j0i99k9 wrote

Wonder what kind of pokemon that'll catch


nukethecheese t1_j0idnxa wrote

I used to clean pools (some for very rich people) in the greater boston area and someone had one of these in their front yard


WindowGoblin t1_j0iy707 wrote

What in the Meet the Robinsons is that?


Babel1027 t1_j0j7pqe wrote

So, did Trunks jump out of that or the androids?


Thumperings t1_j0jkz7m wrote

We have a UPS sphere and school bus ball of his in VT.