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Johnny_Carcinogenic t1_j1dip3n wrote

Rosetta doesn't skip leg day


Styx92 t1_j1dtyyy wrote

But she does skip torso day


SciPhiPlants t1_j1e078z wrote

Pretty much every girl I met on tinder. And I'm ok with it.


Saturnalliia t1_j1ej7vf wrote

At my local gym my buddy and I have dubbed a girl who goes there "squat girl" because we see her there at least 4-5 days a week and we have only ever seen her doing some variation of squats.


dreddllama t1_j1ea51x wrote

Chris Núñez: This has some anatomy issues. Oliver Peck: But over all it’s a supercool design. Dave Navarro: The judges have decided you do not have what it takes to be sketch master.


SultanSaidi t1_j1ds7sw wrote

The art is great, good detail, coloring and mimik. But somehow my brain takes the perspektive wrong and gives her a huge peg to torso ratio that feels a little bit wierd


milanistadoc t1_j1eimzs wrote

The proportions are off. Her leg is about 1.5x what it would naturally be.


iglidante t1_j1ek056 wrote

The face looks quite stylized, so I assumed it was an artistic decision.


acheloisa t1_j1exp0h wrote

But the body is done realistically, so this looks weird. The proportions are all normal except for the length of the left leg


iglidante t1_j1eyr0n wrote

Yeah, I'll give you that - the stylization isn't consistent. As I scan the piece vertically, my brain does a little hiccup and I can't really integrate the upper and lower halves of the body. Good render of a flawed sketch, maybe.


FyrixXemnas t1_j1etv9n wrote

Her torso is also kinda weird. Her arms look proportional to her upper torso, but her lower torso makes her arms look really small.


AsleepJuggernaut2066 t1_j1e7ina wrote

The proportions are strange. If unsettling was your goal youre there. Her face looks cartoonish.


Vultureinred t1_j1ekdei wrote

The more unsettling thing is who this was painted by.


DarthDannyBoy t1_j1g3nfe wrote

Who are they? Why is it disturbing.


Vultureinred t1_j1g4me1 wrote

Noah Bradley. He personally admits to being a sexual predator, harassing women, pressuring them into sexual acts, and various other things.


Leanardoe t1_j1f4hkf wrote

Why her thighs thicker than her waist lmao


ashoka_akira t1_j1fnwqx wrote

You should see if you can sit in on some live model sessions in your area. Nothing beats drawing from life to figure out proper proportions.


uberjam t1_j1fu7jc wrote

This is great. Are you the Noah Bradley that MTG let go?


SimmaDownNa t1_j1dc7ee wrote

Is been really cool watching someone I already considered an amazing artist push themselves to become even better. Thanks for sharing your journey, Noah.


hammer-jon t1_j1dj5ry wrote

do you think he's pushing to be a better sexual assaulter


-Moonlite86- t1_j1dzwmm wrote

I’m not sure why you are being downvoted. Here is a quote from the artist.

“I was terrible to women,” Bradley wrote. “I preyed on them. I ceaselessly hit on them. I pressured them into sex. I got too drunk and did all manner of dumb things. Yes, I was one of those shitty, creepy sexual predators you hear about.”

I personally would not upvote this.


OldsDiesel t1_j1er1ew wrote

So did this individual acknowledge their terrible behavior and try to make amends, or are they still terrible?

I'm a firm believer in trying to improve your own bad behavior, and make an effort to positively rectify it.

I can't hate a person who was bad, and is trying to be better, ya know?


in_sherman t1_j1flrtx wrote

i'm glad we're both in alignment that strangers from the internet should be trusted


sourc32 t1_j2876dq wrote

come on, are you consciously ignoring the many "was"s in that quote or what


-Moonlite86- t1_j297ugc wrote

Are you consciously taking the word of a serial sexual predator?


Stupidsmartwater t1_j1dytgx wrote

What kinda discord mod crack have you been snorting bro


hammer-jon t1_j1dzzmr wrote

you should look into noah bradley. he's an awful person


Anderopolis t1_j1efnmb wrote

I thought this was going to be the Sattelite :(


OverwatchCasual t1_j1esx7j wrote

Jeebus Christ, the negativity. Nicely done OP.


Dameaus t1_j1fcnu5 wrote

this girl does NOT skip leg day.


Most_Improved_Award t1_j1hj7lp wrote

Proportions are so off it is uncomfortable to look at. Her upper arms in particular compared to her legs is very off. Normally it wouldn't be so important but because of the detail to the musculature it seems like a form study, which is based on proportion.


mrev_art t1_j1f5jma wrote

I like how stylized it is.


ZeyDraws t1_j1ffdvf wrote

i rlly love the lighting in this one


Roobscoob t1_j1fff1c wrote

Really cool, I dig the style

lmao at the armchair art critics


deadpoolkool t1_j1flpx0 wrote

Upvote for me. Derivative of countless muscle tone depictions but I liked it.


torrancefs t1_j1gnhip wrote

She's built like me so I appreciate this lol


Still_Maverick_Titan t1_j1fh1pg wrote

I love this piece. It feels both stylized and realistic at the same time.


[deleted] t1_j1ezwse wrote



Dejan05 t1_j1f3kds wrote

NSFW= Not Safe For Work

Now say you're at work and a co-worker sees you looking at this image, a young attractive woman in underwear, what do you think that co-worker is gonna think you're doing?


ur_moms_di- t1_j1f83ug wrote

I just realized she kinda looks like my teacher 💀


NotAddison t1_j1e4tb4 wrote

Lighting and colors are fine, but this is pretty terrible. Is she part rabbit? Not only are here legs ridiculously massive compared to her body, they are also insanely long. Also the realism of her body contrasts oddly with her Disney/Pixar face. There's a difference between painting women and fetishizing them. Since you are an established artist, these mistakes speak more about how you view women and less about areas you can improve.


kanible t1_j1ebl1x wrote

> Not only are her legs ridiculously massive compared to her body, they are insanely long

not all bodies are built with vitruvian perfection. the legs do no seem exceptionally long. the feet are extended and the measurements from ankle to groin are about the same as groin to head. Also look at pictures of professional ice skaters or track/field athletes. their legs are also heavily toned compared to the rest of their body. its not that absurd of a physique

> The realism of her body contrasts oddly with her disney/pixar face

The face looks more cartoonish than the rest because it doesnt have any rough shadows, she is staring at the light source. That and the artistic style in her body and face are consistent so im not sure what you mean by one section being more realistic than the other. The whole thing is stylized, there is no “realism” to be seen.

> Theres a difference between painting women and fetishizing them

why are you even bringing eroticism into this? its a figure drawing ffs

who tf even are you to make these types of critiques?


Whoa1Whoa1 t1_j1eks4h wrote

Anyone can critique art.

Also, it's cartoony because the dimensions are wonky.

  1. Her eyes are about twice as big as they should be, leading to the face looking very Disney/Pixar animated and cartoony.
  2. Her thigh width is literally thicker than any part of her waist or torso. That is impossible and no human has a thigh that has a larger circumference than their torso.
  3. Her leg length should be half or less than half of her total height. Here it is clearly way more than that, which leads to a really strange look especially with the thigh width wider than the entire torso.

user74211 t1_j1etnk8 wrote

I don't know if you noticed, but both of her upper legs are pushed against something (the chair and her foot), and because of that I am very sure that this is not an unreachable physique. I have a similar build, with maybe slightly broader shoulders, but the waist to legs seems relatively normal when you also consider the arm that blocks part of the waist (which means that it's not as small as it might look at first glance) as well as the slight twist of the torso


Ren_Kaos t1_j1eqrsy wrote

Tumbler nose is bad. She an alcoholic or have a cold?