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Larryneverlies t1_j2c39ul wrote

rarely see a dude with flowers on his head that doesn't make it look out of place,this one conveys an emotion of majesty and grace.


Iferrorgotozero t1_j2de53w wrote

People sleep on flowers man. I have some ties with beautiful floral patterns. Love em.


queen_of_potato t1_j2d9uro wrote

It just makes perfect sense.. I didn't even notice the flowers at first, then when I did I was like yeah of course, he couldn't not have them!


smol_turtl t1_j2arb20 wrote

Beautiful work! The texture of the guy’s hair is perfect.


drumbubba t1_j2c1ob4 wrote

This is gorgeous work. As a horseman I’m a little distracted by the halter bit situation there, but still absolutely amazing art. I know this kind of friendship with a horse. They are amazing companions


GarrisonWood t1_j2c1vdb wrote

this was actually the first time i met Nero! the rider said he was a dick but i think he just is misunderstood.


Ok-Duck2458 t1_j2ccmg4 wrote

It looks like hackamore bridle to me! That’s my favorite thing to ride with on my more seasoned horses.


drumbubba t1_j2cfghp wrote

That’s just it, it looks like some weird amalgam of a Hackamore and a standard bit. There’s no chinstrap at all for the Hackmore. And it’s got a big bar that you would use with a bit but there’s no bit in the horses mouth.

It doesn’t really matter though. It’s a beautiful piece of art, even if the bridal is not technically accurate.


Ok-Duck2458 t1_j2chitq wrote

It’s exactly that! I should have specified a ‘long shank’ hackamore- aka weird amalgam of a hackamore and a standard bit. They do exist but they’re pretty rare, as far as I’ve seen, and maybe they go by other names as well. The shank provides leverage as with a curb bit, but instead of applying pressure on the bar inside the mouth, it applies pressure on the noseband. It’s a little more advanced than a standard hackamore. For horses that neck rein, they can be a nice, mild alternative to a curb bit (I just like not having to mess with a slobbery bit.)


anipani5309 t1_j2bcvdu wrote

The beard, hair, and horse coat highlights are so well balanced with the background its. SO GOOD!


LairdofWingHaven t1_j2c4hw1 wrote

This is a truly lovely piece of work. As a horseman, I would say to pay attention to the relative proportions on your reference work. The individual elements of the horse's head are well done, but the overall set up isn't quite right (cheek a bit too big, face not long enough). Also the bridle isn't quite accurate, (either there is no bit, or the bit goes in the mouth), although the leather texture is great. The overall feeling of the piece is deeply moving. You are a very very talented artist, and looking to making sure your details are on point will put your work into an even higher realm. Keep on drawing!!


Ok-Duck2458 t1_j2cd69w wrote

The bridle is okay! Long shank hackamores are kind of obscure, but they are a pretty nice option for some horses. Instead of a bit applying pressure to the bar and/or palate inside the mouth, the the pressure is applied to the nose and the chin as the shank rotates back.


LairdofWingHaven t1_j2ea87d wrote

I was wondering about that, but I couldn't see anything under the chin. I have this pet peeve about people doing detailed art and then getting the bridle wrong (such as, the reins coming from the ear piece). But in this case we'll say it's fine.


_stoneslayer_ t1_j2chkve wrote

I feel like the horse should be a bit skinnier and the guy a bit fatter lol. Really cool picture, though.

And maybe the bottom half a bit closer to the horse


LairdofWingHaven t1_j2eanjq wrote

I dreamed about it last night. It's like the top of the head is size M and the bottom half is size S. Having a good reference picture is essential (I'm an amateur artist). Sometimes I'm so sure something should be put together a certain way and it just isn't.


Bimlouhay83 t1_j2bkyd6 wrote

At first I thought, "man. People are going overboard on post production. It's like they're trying to make the photo look like a drawing." Then, I realized it's not a photo.

Great job, artist!


Buna-T-P-W t1_j2av9a6 wrote

The amount of detail in this picture is amazing, great job


irishspice t1_j2bt23g wrote

Stunning work. He reminds me of Éomer in LOTR.


Beautifulmesss1111 t1_j2awjeb wrote

Absolutely beautiful! Wow! Fantastic work, such phenomenal technique makes it look like a photo ❤️❤️


NostrilExpander t1_j2czjpr wrote

Anyone remember Arvid from Norsemen? This guy looks like him.


TheFlyingHalibut t1_j2dpvp8 wrote

This is definitely arvid


Bloodyutopia t1_j2dq5o0 wrote

100%, was looking trough the comments to find if i was alone. Looks like he's thinking of big things.


littlelorax t1_j2by1bg wrote

I can feel this in my heart! Such a sweet moment to capture. I can tell you have a lot of love flowing through those colored pencils.


Hopen316 t1_j2bxt3z wrote

Very heartwarming and amazing details, especially the hair, fur, and fabric over the hand.


pokepokePOK t1_j2cxxm8 wrote

please post the refernce photo


RandomTreat t1_j2bc1a5 wrote

Wow. Such emotion conveyed here. Amazing.


w_a_w t1_j2bx15p wrote

I never figured Silent Bob for a braids guy.


ThinkSleepKoya t1_j2dhp4u wrote

I'm calling bullshit. If you look at OP's posts, their other art is EXTREMELY different than this. Also, if you zoom in, there's NO WAY OP did this with colored pencils...there are individual hairs that are just too perfect. I'm guessing OP used a colored pencil filter over a photo or used AI to generate it.


Felixader t1_j2dmngz wrote

Isn't the horses eye a bit low? And that cheek looks quite massive.

is it specific breed of horse?


ScorchedFenrir t1_j2dnkdz wrote

This is amazing work! The attention to detail is incredible. If it wasn't for the flower on the side of his head, I would have thought this was a photo someone took and just turned up the gamma way too high on.


locke1313 t1_j2crc8q wrote

Thought that was my guy Bobby B at first.


pending_ending t1_j2f0dc7 wrote

that's some crazy detail. i love the flowers!


Sayurimai t1_j2butck wrote

Perfection, beautifully conceited and amazingly rendered. You should be very proud of yourself.


Appropriate_Cable_65 t1_j2bx4mv wrote

Omg that is beautiful ❤️😻 how long did that take? You are so talented


Ok-Duck2458 t1_j2cdcog wrote

Beautiful! I want that bridle!


NarfArt t1_j2cddff wrote

I had to do a double take to be sure this wasn't a photograph, wonderful work!


NirvanaTwentySeven t1_j2cerhi wrote

That's so good!!seriously you're incredibly talented 🙌


EmotionalPansy t1_j2cfsk8 wrote

Woah. This put that emotional lump of tears in my throat. When I tell people “I love horses” - this picture is how I feel. 🤍😭 Thank you for this.


savantshots t1_j2crao2 wrote

This is so amazing. They both look like they're weeping, bonding.


Noknuj t1_j2cv8da wrote

Love it. I think the tree in the middle could be offset, or maybe add a few more.


maihar_du3 t1_j2cw6c6 wrote

Great bond, wonderful art !


Little_Lottiee t1_j2cwfc8 wrote

I am so impressed with this! It’s so gorgeous and so realistic. Also love the duality of strength and tenderness coming from the image. Truly incredible!


SvetlananotSweetLana t1_j2cwz2t wrote

Horses are floofy animals that heals my heart. This is so cute.


steinsekk t1_j2cz1h2 wrote

Man! You stink. I know... I just can't stop drinking.


garimuu t1_j2d1fuc wrote

One day, I hope to be as good at coloring as you. Awesome work


bluebellberry t1_j2d2eg0 wrote

Being a Horse Girl really is a full time job


CaptainLollygag t1_j2d4m6c wrote

Not only are the line work and coloring spectacular, but the mood of this piece is extraordinary. So much love.


queen_of_potato t1_j2d9r52 wrote

Bloody brilliant! I keep looking at this and finding more amazing details.. you have serious talent!


Tasto86 t1_j2dbnfo wrote

Holy shit! This is incredible! Well done mate!!!


JJEE t1_j2dcw5f wrote

Wonderfully beautiful. Ignore the strange horse people who are somehow consistently both ignorant and presumptuous.


Curious-Signature-22 t1_j2dg1na wrote

This is beautiful, the textures of hair, the lighting, the details of the background, it makes me feel peace and joy.


Meatpolez t1_j2drkfq wrote

for a moment I thought it was a real photo but instead its your amazing art skills. It seriously conveys the various emotion between not a pet and owner but partners in this animal kingdom. Absolutely Love this.


BillTh3Something t1_j2dvcgo wrote

I Refuse to believe this was done by hand. This is a fucking photo and you can't tell me otherwise.


Ralfarius t1_j2dzu42 wrote

Damn it, Snorri is deep in his cups and bothering the horses again. Someone go get him.


an_rauss t1_j2dzyle wrote

what a level of detail wow!! it is incredible


MysticTickle t1_j2e524p wrote

This is beautiful 🥰 I wish there was more art that combined flowers and beards, you inspire me sir


RenTheFabulous t1_j2ecopa wrote

Was scrolling and thought this was a real photograph with a filter for a hot sec. Nice work!


eloiseturnbuckle t1_j2elgp9 wrote

I hate colored pencils, but this is really nice 😊


MaxandRWBY t1_j2ero6z wrote

Absolutely love this piece


theveryrealreal t1_j2ex3mm wrote

How did you get my Canadian wife to pose for this and with my coffee mug nonetheless!


yellowwalks t1_j2cyrqh wrote

You did a superb job. This is absolutely gorgeous. 😍


IthinkIwannaLeia t1_j2dseye wrote

Is he getting married to the horse? Is he the bride?


DrDerekBones t1_j2ctiy7 wrote

So... Is this just a reference from a photograph, I take it? Respect on the photorealism, just will never understand it's purpose. The photo already did the job. Why bother drawing it as a copy.

Much talent, just never will understand the reason people want to copy existing photos as best to their ability. It takes skill and effort, but the photo already exists... Isn't that good enough? The pencil copy doesn't add anything "extra" to me. Still incredible work.


defectivelaborer t1_j2alduf wrote

"Interspecies slavery" is a better term. Looks great though.


EternamD t1_j2bplwq wrote

You raise a very interesting philosophical dilemma. This isn't the place for it though.


BestkittyintheUSA t1_j2cofou wrote

My horse lives his best life with me. Endless food, weekly massages, complete medical care and long wanders through the woods. Go fuck yourself