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markseabrook_art OP t1_j00nd84 wrote

I have done several paintings in this series.

The fishermen are holding plastic fish-shaped containers, used in many parts of the world for holding single-serves of soy fish, popular with takeaway sushi rolls.


Melobol t1_j019w6p wrote

Thank you for the explanation. I couldn't figure it out on my own :D
Very cool painting!


Zharken t1_j01b3uf wrote

Nice, I don't need to ask "are they holding giant soy sauce bottles"?

Yes, yes they are.


mightbeacat1 t1_j03a9do wrote

I assumed they were fish-shaped Christmas lights... 'tis the season.

I like the real explanation just as much.


RolfDasWalross t1_j030gz1 wrote

It’s great! Were you inspired by Paco Pomet?


markseabrook_art OP t1_j03uloy wrote

I hadn't heard of him until someone here mentioned him in relation to one of my previous paintings. I think he is fantastic.


DangerMacAwesome t1_j037av3 wrote

Thank you! I thought they were some kind of candy I wasn't familiar with


geewhizze t1_j00p72k wrote

That’s awesome haha I genuinely thought this was an old photograph until I saw it was in r/Art !! So creative


Swedish-Butt-Whistle t1_j010h93 wrote

Grey tones are really hard to paint! You did a phenomenal job


markseabrook_art OP t1_j013vzd wrote

Thanks for that. I do quite a lot in greys - I really like feel it gives.


IonizedRadiation32 t1_j01471e wrote

This broke my brain for a solid ten seconds until I realized it was. a painting lmao. Serves me right for not reading titles.


dj2ca t1_j01789e wrote

I want this on my wall. NAE! I need it on my wall.

EDIT: I just took a look through your post history and I friggin love your style man. The bin chicken series is fantastic, I especially like the one with the old yellow corolla in the driveway. I think you're one of my new favourite artists.


markseabrook_art OP t1_j01a3fc wrote

Oh, thank you. That yellow Corolla is really nostalgic for me, but I'm not entirely sure why.


myredac t1_j031kel wrote

this is actually super good! I love the concept. Congratulations, artist.


NJShadow t1_j02abb1 wrote

This is very Rockwell-esque.


fireclaw316 t1_j02f2rp wrote

I was about to ask what the context of this photo was but then I saw the sub...


EnoughRegisterJohn t1_j02firt wrote

I thought this art was meant to represent how pollution and crap (like Oil and trash) was in so many oceans and stuff, killing the fish.


G8KK0U t1_j01smz7 wrote

Its funny and weird seeing something daily local in this context. Thanks for the laugh.


Yopieieie t1_j02g3ia wrote

This painting idea is so fuckinf good


ashleigha894 t1_j02nah0 wrote

Is it bad that I'm a little disappointed they aren't lead weights? I definitely thought this was a bass fishing joke. Still a very beautiful picture!


ritaptor t1_j02nms5 wrote

My partner thought that this is a picture. Looks amazing. I love it!!!


ribsflow t1_j03oh90 wrote

Is the second guy from the right the mighty "Elevator" Ernie Johnson?


markseabrook_art OP t1_j03vi2y wrote

Ha ha. I had to look him up. It's not, but there is a resemblance!


mopbuvket t1_j03x72u wrote

Op I wanted to ask that you please continue to paint. This is really great work im very drawn to it


Superjukes2 t1_j04chjg wrote

I literally thought they were holding bombs for a second lmao


Haywood_jablowmeeee t1_j04dusa wrote

I was apprehensive about working in oil pastel but now I’m hooked. Great job!


123hwyheyhey t1_j04g3nr wrote

I thought they were those toy/candies made of wax and filled with juice you suck out. In hindsight I think those were mini wax soda bottles lol


Bahamuto-San t1_j04i0fm wrote

Wow. Just wow! The light on the fish containers is so realistic and with a fast glance I thought this was a real photo. I love the Lego/Playmobil dudes in your past posts, very interesting concept.


BeBePastiche t1_j04mrdy wrote

As someone who’s never heard of these soy sauce containers my first thought was it was an environmental piece bc I assumed they were full of oil


markseabrook_art OP t1_j0502f2 wrote

Well, they're not filled with oil, but it's a lot of single-user plastic, so...


foag t1_j04npxq wrote

Holy moly I thought this was a grayscale Jeff Jordan, incredible work! Where can I see more?


markseabrook_art OP t1_j04zvwh wrote

Thanks. There's more of my work in other posts here as well as that other app you can't mention here, but see my profile.


WildIcePick t1_j04pk5z wrote

Am I the only one thinking this is AI created? The resolution.... the vibe of the whole thing....

Would it be rude to ask for a higher rez and maybe some proof?


markseabrook_art OP t1_j05123p wrote

The comment bot deleted a reply here, but there's a few progress shots on a certain other app that you can mention here. Same name as here, or check my profile here.


Geeziest t1_j058fer wrote

Excellent job! I thought it was a photo


TheDodfatherPC-FL t1_j05b3gw wrote

Love the valve stem caps! That’s the story’s that get told! Over inflated!!