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Zebraontherocks OP t1_izvpfy1 wrote

I really wanted to capture the iconic sign of the Linbrook Bowl in Anaheim, Ca. I’d been wanting to paint it traditionally in oil for over a year, but with a lack of space and since I’ve been practicing my digital art lately I figured I’d give it a try. So I fired up photoshop and toiled away and in the end I learned a lot and I can’t wait to see what comes next!


ct_rugen t1_izvujoi wrote

I drive by that sign almost daily, you really nailed it.


GlassofOJ88 t1_izwq53m wrote

Is there a digital print available? I grew up down the street from there. My entire family has since moved away and is scattered across the country. This brings back so many memories. Very well done.


Zebraontherocks OP t1_izxawop wrote

I don’t have anything set up right now but I’m hoping to in the coming year. Thanks so much for your interest though!


SecretGorilla89 t1_izwckuu wrote

me being suspicious of any good piece of art, checking to see if it looks ai generated, lol its really good!


dreamrock t1_izw9ky6 wrote

Very nice.

Are you aware of the Googie movement in architecture and signage? Think boomerangs, starbursts and parabolae.

I think you might enjoy researching the history of this short lived, hyper-localised style.


Zebraontherocks OP t1_izx99jy wrote

Thanks! I wasn’t aware until I started doing a little bit of research when I was painting this but now I’m thinking it might be fun to paint the remaining googie buildings that still exist in the area


LongfellowBM t1_izwogjn wrote

So many memories at Linbrook. Thank you!!!


Zebraontherocks OP t1_izx9gmg wrote

I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Linbrook is such a special place!


CJ_Thompson t1_izxpqqr wrote

You know, all those things go together perfectly…..😉


Atomicicecream49 t1_izy5nif wrote

Love this style! Ever since I encountered Hiroshi Nagai and Hockney's Bigger Splash I've fallen for that minimalist California vibe


Zebraontherocks OP t1_izydgrm wrote

Thank you! I was definitely trying to channel some of that energy in this piece while maintaining my own style!


Pherbb t1_j00jmyw wrote

Do a work of just palm trees because those look so beautiful


Zebraontherocks OP t1_j00m99r wrote

Thank you!! 🙏🏼 I was honestly so conflicted about how those came out but I’ll definitely have to do something that focuses on them if at least to practice them more!


Pherbb t1_j00pao9 wrote

Amazing. I’ll be on the look out for it