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mmmcake OP t1_j2e1hq7 wrote

Thank you. I would like there to be more discussion and exploration into how Ai can be a tool for artists. History is full of examples of artists using new technology to create better art. I think Ai is more ‘Vermeer using a camera obscura’ and less ‘Marie Curie discovers radiation’.


ScoobyDeezy t1_j2ed24m wrote

Hit the nail on the head. It’s a fantastic tool to assist creators, and the possibilities and benefits far outweigh its misuse.


FlacidBarnacle t1_j2e4yvk wrote

Which AI program did you use? I’ve been trying to find a good one that’s available but most are in beta only some are allowed to use for some reason


mmmcake OP t1_j2e6x2a wrote

Midjourney. Be prepared to spend $30 a month on the subscription because the free time is barely enough to feel what it can do. There is a learning curve to using Discord if you never have before and learning to adjust the settings and prompts takes patience. Even then most of the images will be garbage but It is an amazing tool for getting outside of your own head. Every once and a while it will terrify you with how clever can be.


FlacidBarnacle t1_j2e7f7s wrote

Oh ya i tried to use it once. The free version but I couldn’t figure out the discord so gave up..


enialessej t1_j2e8toe wrote

Not as beautiful as midjourney, but Dall-E from Open AI just came out of beta and is a lot of fun to play with - for free!


bitchazel t1_j2ffstz wrote

Your descriptions are as eloquent as your painting is wonderful.