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Broadside02195 t1_j2e05zt wrote

Could have solved a lot of problems in this world with the money this guy lost on a badly thought out social media experiment.


-WASM OP t1_j2e1g0f wrote

Yup, I agree.

Some of his endeavours could be in humanities interests. I don’t know, I think time will tell. I didn’t realise he owned and operated OpenAI and something like DALL-E2 is trained (correct me if I’m wrong) on stolen artists’ datasets.


BroGoncos t1_j2e9gyw wrote

His only role in openAI was as an early financier among many, whether it’s looked at as good or bad there isn’t much attributing it to him. Their current commercial enterprises are driven by Microsoft who basically doubled the investment that it was built on and gained the rights to some of their technology.


-WASM OP t1_j2efe5d wrote

Thanks for clarifying. I suppose that’s something venture capitalists do regularly with a wide variety of start-ups.


kyotheman1 t1_j2eamy3 wrote

He takes company losing profits or barely, makes them success dude is smart, why he's rich


BroGoncos t1_j2ed5yy wrote

That’s literally the exact opposite of what happened, it was not profitable nor meant to be for profit, it was founded as a nonprofit for which he was an initial investor, then after he was off the board because he has nothing to contribute to any tech company besides money (and any personal involvement beyond that is many times proven to be a detriment), Microsoft invested in them and made them for-profit