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RichardStinks t1_jaabkze wrote

No upvote until I see it open a bottle. Don't tease me like this!


RichardStinks t1_jaatprh wrote

Oh, I like it more now! Simple opener design and stylish when just sitting there.


iaintlyon t1_jabhjb4 wrote

From the bottom it looks like the alien from Nope


COPPERTISTWU OP t1_jaajbg2 wrote

Because Art has a requirement that only works can appear, no other items are allowed to appear, so there is no way to share the picture of the bottle opener, if you are interested, you can enter my personal home page, I just shared a picture of him opening the bottle


FergusonIllustration t1_jaazj3g wrote

Goddam dude, sculpting those scales must've taken an eternity. Very impressive work!


Blueberry_Clouds t1_jab1b2r wrote

I thought this was an actual snake, really good scale detail


Murklak t1_jaahw47 wrote

I’m always curious what material was used for the original piece. Assuming the final sculpture was cast in a mold.

It really looks great.


COPPERTISTWU OP t1_jaakco0 wrote

The original work is a prototype wax film I carved, then melted the wax to get a cavity, then by casting to get a snake opener, and then after polishing and other steps to achieve the final product


MartinLutherVanHalen t1_jabx35b wrote

But you sculpted it digitally? It has all the hallmarks of 3D printing.

Why do people think this is an insult? It’s a question.


PorkRindSalad t1_jabz08j wrote

idk much about the hallmarks of 3d printing, but I'm pleased with the end product.

I was iffy about how extraordinary the sculpt and texturing are, and then there's just a flat bottom with a hole on it to do the job...

Like, the sculpture is just a decoration sitting on the work surface instead of being incorporated into the opening mechanism...

But I don't mind at all if it was 3d printed from a digital sculpt.

But I get your point that op didn't mention anything about it in their process. I'm curious if you're right.


Agavephile t1_jaaek0o wrote

Hold up, gotta see this crack a cold one.


Consistent_Stick_463 t1_jab31ft wrote

I wish I could own a bush viper in every color, but I’ll gladly settle for a gold one that opens a cold one.


deejfun t1_jabekx7 wrote

That’s great! And scary looking.


dplafoll t1_jabeqqa wrote

That’s just incredible. Well done. Absolutely beautiful.


TacoThingy t1_jacex3e wrote

I was about to call bullshit, until I saw your name. I get your ads on Facebook all the time and all of your work is amazing!


mistress_lady_d t1_jad10ki wrote

This is so unique. What is the size? Seems so precious to be a bottle opener.


Forged_In_Flames t1_jabd3fh wrote

How did you carve this out of wax so beautifully?


Villeto t1_jac3k19 wrote

He didn’t, the positive for the mold was 3D printed.


Alcoraiden t1_jacqhht wrote

Stop that.


Villeto t1_jacw3eh wrote

Stop what? Answering questions truthfully?

You won’t see OP denying it or explaining how they actually did it.


hazpat t1_jad1s8c wrote

They explained they carved the wax... extremely common and easy way to do brass casting. Using plastic instead of wax wouldn't work as the brass won't vaporize it as effectively.

It's hilarious to see young kids flabbergasted by extremely common techniques.


Villeto t1_jaddcol wrote

Believe me, it’s also entertaining on my side.

Thanks for the “young kid” thing tho.

Also you can totally use 3D printing to make a positive for a die cast, it’s also an incredibly common technique.


hazpat t1_jadeums wrote

I'll stick with what the artist says. You can even see the irregular wax texture when zoomed no striations from printing.

Saying it's 3d is a baseless claim that does not fit the artists typical style. The texture on the item makes it obvious it isn't 3d printed.

Using your everythings using new tech mentality, your comment was probably ai generated cause people tend to look into the artist before they claim to know the technique.

u/villeto must not be confident in their bs reply lol


navybluemanga t1_jabxano wrote

Jesus that's skill right there 👏 Exceptional work friend


newfriend-frfr401 t1_jac98in wrote

This is pure Art… I’m attracted by its beauty


Southern_Name_9119 t1_jacd3qu wrote

omg. I feel like he’s coiled and ready to bite. I would jump if I saw that on my kitchen counter.


moki3boki3 t1_jacuec6 wrote

The work on the scales is so impressive. Looks amazing OP!