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ThisGuyRightHereSaid t1_jae4n7h wrote

Weird... I had to do a double then triple take. I thought it was an animated .gif. I could a swore the water in the lower right moved.


somainthewatersupply OP t1_jaeqrc3 wrote

Crazy! It’s definitely not a gif. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!


ThisGuyRightHereSaid t1_jaex3o9 wrote

Really tho. Maybe I was seeing things. But it seemed like one of those optical illusions that when you focus on let's say the left the right seems to move. You look at the right and the left seems to move. Either way bad ass painting my friend. I'm only skilled enough to point my camera and press a button to get a cool pic like that. You recreate the whole damn pic from scratch. À+


somainthewatersupply OP t1_jaf2i55 wrote

Just went and checked out some your photos! Really nice work! Photography can be tricky too. Also dig your other name, Raul Duke. I just made my girlfriend watch Fear & Loathing for the first time last weekend. She didn’t quite “get it”, but I will forever get chills when he starts talking about “seeing the high water mark where the wave crashed and then rolled back” referring to the hippie movement.


ThisGuyRightHereSaid t1_jaf2squ wrote

Best.. movie... Ever. I was lucky enough to buy a ticket and take the ride and see it in the theater when it came out. Loved it ever since. I've shown that movie to a lot of people. I don't think most get it.



ThisGuyRightHereSaid t1_jaf2xu4 wrote

Also you have full rights to use one of my photos to paint if you ever need inspiration.


somainthewatersupply OP t1_jaf4jrk wrote

Thank you so much!! I may take you up on that. I’ve been focusing on painting from trips we’ve taken (The Rockies and The Everglades have been our two most recent), but we don’t have another trip planned until May (The Grand Canyon!!). So I have some time to paint something not national park oriented.