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kesagar t1_j72iy1d wrote

You really capture the magic of walking through the forest in the fall.


Miniartist10 t1_j75vqpn wrote

Omg that's so good, the painting style is so nice to look at too


poppadums t1_j7613x5 wrote

This brought me back to when I was a child growing up in an abusive home. I would imagine a better future, and this painting captures that feeling somehow. Thank you for sharing


ZRX-1200-R t1_j77o2m8 wrote

Pure magic! All the feeling with details left up to the observer!🥰✨✨✨


LThrE t1_j72mlz8 wrote

FF9 The enTrance To mages viLLiage... If you know you know 🤣🤣