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Righteous_Fury224 t1_j9wi7e4 wrote

Love the Art Noveau styling


stormhellion OP t1_j9wieqp wrote

Very much inspired by Alphonse Mucha


Sanardan t1_j9wwwak wrote

This gives me more March or April vibes than September - clean, fresh. Somewhere between Mucha's Winter and Spring. His Autumn is usually very lush...

Beautiful work though


stormhellion OP t1_j9wyhov wrote

There’s a whole story behind the name, but I was going for late spring

I’m debating doing a month based theme, this one would probably be May


anticerber t1_j9xtwkm wrote

Same, wish the hair was a little more flourish but just a personal opinion. Still really awesome


T-Mc-27 t1_j9w32cr wrote

This is absolutely stunning


GargantuanGorgon t1_j9wbihu wrote

Agreed. Is this going to be a series, OP? Awesome work.


stormhellion OP t1_j9wf2jf wrote

I’m going to try lol


ST_Lawson t1_j9woyak wrote

Do you have any other artwork posted anywhere?


stormhellion OP t1_j9wuxp0 wrote

I’m working getting comfortable posting my art, so I’m slowly uploading them. At the moment it’s just this


ST_Lawson t1_j9wv747 wrote

That’s fair. I really like the style of what you’ve posted so far.

We will watch your career with great interest.


Hopen316 t1_j9wkzc4 wrote

Very amazing, excellent effort. I love the design, and the colors are perfect together. Keep going.


cryptidintraining t1_j9wleh0 wrote

I could totally see this as some form of video game art! Gorgeous drawing and you captured the emotion beautifully!


[deleted] t1_j9x5kmx wrote

Mouth needs to move to the right, otherwise nice!


Mega_Slush t1_j9whvny wrote

Totally incredible, great work! Absolutely love the style and the colors work so well. Keep it up 🦾


Staff_Struck t1_j9x06d5 wrote

I love that style! It reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Quinton Hoover


katycake t1_j9xhqpo wrote

By chance did you draw the other eleven daughters?


SamJakes t1_j9xjxji wrote

Edit: I get "Persephone" vibes from her, was that something you intended?

This might sound weird, but I love this form of art because it feels like the "perfected", human version of all the weird attempts by people to get GPT to make art like this.

I never felt it this strongly when I saw AI-paintings, but her face in this portrait seems to glow when I look at her. I love it, and she looks unbelievably cute. Idk why, but I feel like the slight disdain or "aloofness" in her expression might be doing it for me. It's these smaller details that only seem to come through with good, "normal" art-styles and I'm really happy when people make modern digital renditions of very "classically appealing" stuff.

Another point I like (which might come out wrong) is that I like the "flatness" of this picture, makes her seem a lot more like a digital poster-esque interpretation of "quasi-3D" realistic classical painting styles. Something about that aesthetic feels chic to me, and I dig it.

The only thing that feels a bit "off" is some of the facial proportions, specifically her one ear looks a bit "lopsided", i.e a bit too wide at the top. That, and a few outlines stuck out to me, but overall, it sucks me in and makes me feel her charm/aura intensely, so I love it.


stillfumbling t1_j9xwgxb wrote

The signature placement is distracting


Netroth t1_j9y00hb wrote

I agree, and I also don’t see how that’s downvote-worthy.

Readers, check the Reddit rules. Downvotes indicate when something is irrelevant, not disliked. Upvotes indicate relevance, not likability.


Netroth t1_j9xzv9y wrote

Put on a brazier! September’s harlot more like.

Just kidding, it’s beautiful.


katmonday t1_j9ztt54 wrote

Put on a charcoal burner? The word you're looking for is brassiere 😉


Netroth t1_ja0cy3u wrote

It’s my very clever brand of humour


Jared-inside-subway t1_j9yswib wrote

Tbh this is pretty much what I imagine Margaery Tyrell to look like in ASOIAF


evaboneva t1_j9zlqen wrote

Do you have any other work on any other platform? Any traditional work?


ps4isgreaterthanxbox t1_ja2278n wrote

I’ve come back to this every day since it was posted and I just love it so much


ontarioparent t1_j9yf27y wrote

She seems a bit anemic for September?