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schrodingersmite t1_j8tljk7 wrote

The title casts the whole piece in a new light for me; it's instantly imbued with a nostalgia that's nearly painful. Either person, or both, could've viewed this moment as simpler. And does it imply a strain on the relationship later? Or just the complexities of growing up? tl;dr- Fabulous work!


SalammFall OP t1_j8tnldo wrote

Thank you for giving me your point of view it make me see more in my art . Thank you so much


perpetual_hunger t1_j8tfeb9 wrote

Loving this! It makes me think about when I do my daughter's hair (my favorite thing to do)! You have such a clean art style. Please make more!!!


SalammFall OP t1_j8th05t wrote

Thank you so much I’ll try to make more like this , and I hope you and daughter have a great day


nathaniel_canine t1_j8tvsxq wrote

You should post to r/imaginarysliceoflife, we love this sort of stuff there


crystaldolly t1_j8u0i2e wrote

omg, thank you so much for sharing this subreddit, it has the kind of mindful illustrations that heals my heart.


nathaniel_canine t1_j8u1dz9 wrote

It's my pleasure :) I think the sub has trended more towards anime girls over the last few years but I usually sort by top of the month and find some great gems after scrolling down past the top dozen posts


crystaldolly t1_j8vy8ik wrote

aa, yess, thank you for confirming it, because i thought the same when i visited the sub and i wondered if this was the norm.

you know, i can see why cute girls in anime style are comfort for many people. but it may not be comfortable for other people, and it should be respected, especially if anime girls came later than the original subreddit approach.

maybe there could be two subreddits: one for general tastes and other for anime girl comfort, more waifu oriented, but not going straight to hentai lol.

in my case, if i ever do illustrations for this subreddit, i would prefer to make them POV or purely environmental, like scenes, rooms, 2D adaptations of real places i know, maybe with some ambiental little animations (ex. water flowing, light changing from a window).

and people would not have recognizable features, they would be have a "crowd" design.

maybe even environmental sounds could be added for ASMR audiovisual versions of those images, so you could have graphic and audio ASMR. but illustrations would be the main focus.

i am interested into creating mindful worlds for resting and meditation via 3D, Unreal Engine and VR, and illustrations like this one the OP drew are perfect for concept art.

but these are just ideas for me to take into account.

thank you again, and have a nice day!


nathaniel_canine t1_j950ywl wrote

there are some real nice ones in the sub along the lines of what you've described with the environment focused aesthetics!

But you should definitely post your art, would love to see more cozy everyday environments!


crystaldolly t1_j959omb wrote

damn damn damn, such lovely art pieces. automatically bookmarked.

you know, i almost mispell and say "art peaces" and i doubted for a second, because this really was the expression i should have written lol

thank you so much for sharing them!

yeah, for now, i am trying to do an animation, so currently i am designing the characters.

but my bro has Oculus and i plan to learn Unreal and modeling to create stylized 2D-like environments like these you posted.

the goal would be creating "mindfulness" experiences in "VR safe spaces" or whatever.

if i ever do any of them, they would be free ofc.


SalammFall OP t1_j8tw12l wrote

Ok I guess I will, thank for the suggestion


RamBone22 t1_j8sas4e wrote

Back in the day. Boondocks vibes. Nice work.


SalammFall OP t1_j8sbglv wrote

Why thank you fri , and boondocks was a vibe fr


Stigmata_tears t1_j8tp5e0 wrote

I thought of boondocks as well. I worked in a book store at one point and read the boobdocks comic strip books. This is gorgeous. Great job


xiscesx t1_j8sj42k wrote

I love the facial expressions. This is cool


evilcapital t1_j8smh0h wrote

great work. looks like it'd make for a great comic/cartoon


SalammFall OP t1_j8smyld wrote

Wow really , thank you so much :) (holy cow a comic , sick )


al_996 t1_j8srjrn wrote

Simple, peaceful and lovely.


sainsa t1_j8tplc3 wrote

This is beautiful! I love the way the light pours in from just offscreen.


SalammFall OP t1_j8tqgay wrote

Wow I didn’t even release it did that , and also thank you all love ❤️


Argier t1_j8u6bpq wrote

Lately in this sub there were a lot of drawings that felt like a filter with some anime faces, and they seem just being traced over a photo. Imho, all that kind of art is going to be replaced by filters and AIs, but works like this drawing will not, imho, since there is a lot of work of stylization, understanding and feel that makes it special and irreplaceable, imho. Good job.


SalammFall OP t1_j8u7d34 wrote

Honestly that means a lot to me , and truthfully, you’re right about all the art are getting similar and more or less copy or worse AI-ed. just really would like to tell you thank you . And I try to make more pieces like this . Thank you <3


Argier t1_j8ui6pa wrote

You are welcome, your work is awesome. Keep it up friend!


fckingnapkin t1_j8tsn8g wrote

Oh this is really good. The facial expressions are amazing. Love the vibe this is giving


cheshirecanuck t1_j8uctqs wrote

I absolutely love the suble blur around the edges, really drives home the nostalgia. So lovely!


Yiha03 t1_j8udjqi wrote

i love the way you do lighting :0


Mynotredditaccount t1_j8uhdjc wrote

Right in the feels, the nostalgia hit me like a truck 🥺🤎🖤


crystaldolly t1_j8u07v4 wrote

i love it!

you have a lovely style, and comfort illustrations like these always make my day.

keep going!


SalammFall OP t1_j8u0mqq wrote

Thank you I will I promise


crystaldolly t1_j8vyb6v wrote

i'm so glad you shared your art, i hope these comments can inspire you to do what you love!


SalammFall OP t1_j8w5xn7 wrote

Thank you , it does inspire me to keep going. And too be honest I love answering messages ( because I’m very lonely) but fr thank you 😂


crystaldolly t1_j8waa16 wrote

oh, i'm sorry. that's very tough.

it must be difficult to keep doing wonderful stuff like yours when you feel no one's there, or something. (i'm just assuming, sorry if i'm mistaken).

personally, because of trauma, i'm not very into making friends. i just comment in forums, social media and communities, but in a casual, unstringed way.

but hey, i know some Discord communities aside the subreddits you already know, where you may find kind people. the ones i have are associated to art stuff, but there's a community for every single thing you like.

many people feel alone these days. but if they are "many", that's a good thing: there is plenty of possible friends, we just have to help them connect.


SalammFall OP t1_j8wc77g wrote

Oh wow , no is not a problem I do feel alone sometimes but honestly it help to motivate myself to do more for example this one . I do have a discord but don’t really talk on it and I do have friends but we can’t talk all the time . Well what I’m trying to say is I’ll keep does suggestions in mind if I feel alone , thank you


crystaldolly t1_j8wldgh wrote

aa, sorry for misunderstanding!

you know, i've met artists posting their art but being shy to make friends, and i jumped to conclusions haha. sorry.

i am very glad you shared it with us, you have a lot of talent and i believe that being able to motivate you sounds like being a team between an artist and their followers.

i hope your friends and you can have time soon to meet up. i'm sure they would be amazed if they saw this illustration. (maybe they are already used to being amazed lol).


LittleDizzle_ t1_j8u12p8 wrote

What are your influences if you don't mind me asking? This is an incredible style


SalammFall OP t1_j8u1psa wrote

It was when I was younger and my mom use to breed My sister hair and I used to just watch and wonder why didn’t I have that much hair


eekamuse t1_j8umr4x wrote

Aww, it made me wish I had that bonding experience.


leavetaterualone t1_j8u2nu0 wrote

This would be a beautiful style for a comic book


SalammFall OP t1_j8u34jq wrote

thank you friend that nice of you to say that


MrDoggy47006Cyn t1_j8ubtqb wrote

Wow this is the first time I haven't seen a naked white woman on this sub, love the art though


90zGamer t1_j8ueyu9 wrote

I’m not white, I’m Scottish but all the same having married into a family where this scene is frequent it got me in n the feels for being wholesome af. Few things I find more charming then the women in my family caring for each other and their hair. There’s a certain intimacy to it that is, frankly, imo, poetic. And this digital art has done a nice job capturing that. Thank you OP.


SalammFall OP t1_j8ufz0e wrote

Thank you for sharing that with me I appreciate your time . And also honestly thank you


90zGamer t1_j8uig55 wrote

yeah fam, let me know when you’re test to do some album cover art


reyballesta t1_j8usdp3 wrote

What a charming style, and a lovely color palette.


MeAlways t1_j8uxusx wrote

Ooh I just found you on IG, can't believe you don't have more following you! Beautiful style


SalammFall OP t1_j8w3mec wrote

Wow thank you appreciate it. I don’t really mind that follower thing I just really like drawing and posting. <3


BMCarbaugh t1_j8v05q9 wrote

Gorgeous style. Your linework is excellent. Really minimalist, but expressive as hell. Reminds me of work I've seen before by artists who work mostly physical, with felt-tip markers.


StandardNem t1_j8vbgwh wrote

being a beginner artist and looking at this is like being a bronze overwatch player and watching the top 500 widow team wiping you


SalammFall OP t1_j8w43v3 wrote

Thanks you , and bruh I was thinking the same thing before when I wasn’t good at doing this, just need to continue and don’t stop drawing to get better fri , ps : I’m a hard stuck gold in ov , lol


10_Eyes_8_Truths t1_j8vii42 wrote

this looks like it could be an animated piece with some chill-hop in the back ground. love it


overzealoushobo t1_j8vjdw7 wrote

Beautiful work. It really grabbed my attention, and somehow made me feel nostalgic. Which is interesting given I am a red haired white dude. Keep up the great work, this art captures a moment, for sure.


TheAfrofuturist t1_j8vni6i wrote

I don't know if this will make sense, but I can feel this image. Takes me back to my mom doing my hair as a kid. Simpler days, indeed.


SalammFall OP t1_j8w4ha4 wrote

Yh definitely it make sense your not the first to say that , and also me when I used to sit down and just watch my mom used to breed up my older sister hair , man that was so long ago


TicklintheIvory t1_j8vou7f wrote

I really like this style. Would we call it cell shaded?


SalammFall OP t1_j8w4pw3 wrote

Thank you , and yes it would be call cel shaded I’m much not better at that then other shading


KingFahad360 t1_j8vtybm wrote

Oh my goodness, this is really incredible.

Reminds of that Hair Love animation I saw, this is very well done.


CShellyRun t1_j8w7y6t wrote

Damn i can almost feel my hair getting tugged… miss the days when I would get the “Iverson” braids


SalammFall OP t1_j8wb5wr wrote

:) i bet m’y sis felt the same pain too


XrosRoadKiller t1_j8xvoix wrote

Perfect. Such a wholesome picture. Reminds me of a calm weekend.


Unlikely_nay1125 t1_j8umi81 wrote

i wish. my mom never took care of my hair lmao😭


sacredfool t1_j8uz9q7 wrote

Style is nice but my first thought when seeing it was "does she have head lice?"


SalammFall OP t1_j8w3qcu wrote

The crazy part is I think when I was younger I think she had it too . Not to sure


Singemylover t1_j8uicyg wrote

As a white person, I am envious of how badass black people's hair is. They can do so many cool styles because of how wiry it is.


eekamuse t1_j8umyw8 wrote




simplyslimm t1_j8u9gc3 wrote

man it’s getting hard to tell what’s Ai and what isn’t. I come to the conclusion this isn’t Ai, but i definitely thought it was for a second.


SalammFall OP t1_j8ua46q wrote

Woooww to be compared to AI is kind of crazy I’m not sure if I possibly joyful or scared lol , but honestly thank you