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OneSummersEvening t1_iuk6lk9 wrote

To help and improve as many peoples lives as I can, I'm 24 and have been doing a oretty good job of it!


fh3131 t1_iuk6yul wrote

To provide fertiliser for future plants


monpetitjose t1_iuk8m8e wrote

So when you pass the New York bar (at least in my day, i.e., some 20 years ago) you have to sit through one last interview with an older/retired attorney before you're good to go. It's 100% formal, and unless you go completely bezerk, you'll be taking your oath soon. In fact, even if you go bezerk, they'll probably let you in.

My interview was with a pretty old Jewish woman who was easily into her 80s at the time and had a very kind look on her face. She asked me why I wanted to be a lawyer. I started going through a predictable speech about how special the profession was, how important it was to society, and all that. The kind of lengthy BS a 25 year-old associate at a New York white shoe firm would give you.

Once I was done, she said: "That's all very nice, and I'm sure you'll be a great attorney, but it isn't the right answer. Because you see, there is a right answer to this question, and it is only three words long. Do you want to know it?"

I said yes, of course. She said: "to help others."