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Passionate_Wobat t1_iuk1lud wrote

It's just gonna keep getting worse. Their leaders keep inciting them and getting them worked up. We gotta start holding the people in charge responsible or they're gonna keep getting worse.


newstuffsucks t1_iuk3cmg wrote

When i was young they used to blow up abortion clinics.


wA4z4MlvIRv26 t1_iujy6qj wrote


There was Jan 6.

The attempted kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer.

Apparently there's been an increase on attacks of the LGBT community.

These are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.


MacaronMelodic t1_iuk6shu wrote

Any signs of them shutting the fuck up yet?

Slowing down even?


Stochastic terrorism.

E: Just take a moment once in a while to see what they're spewing. It's usually along the lines of...

The messaging is basically:

  • "these people are destroying America (they're taking your guns, they're replacing you, they're taking your jobs)."

  • "You're great American patriots"

  • "They're the enemy, they're the enemy, they're the enemy..." (echoed ad nauseam in various forms sometimes directly and mostly indirectly)


Flaky-Fellatio t1_iuk5rx7 wrote

There's going to be a whole security industry that develops around preventing attacks from right wing extremists.


QuixoticJames t1_iuk9tos wrote

The security industry seems like the last people you'd want to do this. For the same reason you don't ask the mob to guard your bank vault.


El_Deez t1_iujzn8q wrote

Not worried about Frequency I'm worried about magnitude. One of these days some of them might find out who Timothy McVeigh was and then things will be stepped up significantly.


ahchu22 t1_iuk03kq wrote

Depends on how many folks willing to do 5-10 years for a past president that most likely be dead by the end of their sentence


cozkim t1_iuk98cv wrote

I think they will only get worse until they have control of the government. I believe many are hoping for a civil war which they are sure they will win because they have more guns.


xdsagecat t1_iuk7yyu wrote

He got attacked?

What have I missed


schnozzberryflop t1_iuk5qv7 wrote

I'm waiting for the first lefty lawmaker to get shot. You know it's going to happen.


[deleted] t1_iuk7rtp wrote



Flimsy-Attention-722 t1_iukbbtw wrote

It wasn't someone they knew. It was a right wing nut who wanted to hold the speaker hostage and break her knees if he didn't like what she said.


[deleted] t1_iuk57e8 wrote



schnozzberryflop t1_iuk60qd wrote

Yeah, easily led people like him often end up as people like you -- a turd-polishing little Trumpie shit.


LondonDude123 t1_iuk5stz wrote

Jesus fucking Christ OP, have some fucking perspective and realize that political violence is coming from BOTH sides!

I think that Left Wing violence might be more common because theres a sentiment that they can get away with it, something which an accused murderer of a Right Wing Teenager admitted...

But no, by all means, just scapegoat the other side, because the other side is evil... Absolutely pathetic!


jennimackenzie t1_iukbgkh wrote

The op has perspective. Their perspective is that right wing violence is evil, and left wing violence is justified.


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getmendoza99 t1_iuk1bpw wrote

lmao the right spends years demanding Pelosi’s head, but when someone actually makes an attempt, couldn’t have been them!!


WheresTheCannon t1_iuk0c3e wrote

What's your source?


[deleted] t1_iuk0yvo wrote



WheresTheCannon t1_iuk2412 wrote

I mean your news source. Can you link to a reputable source that's reported that he was a far left extremist?


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Amonette2012 t1_iuk45no wrote

Can I set you up with my mother? You'd get on. She's bats as well.


BillHicksScream t1_iujyx3i wrote

That's not how this works. Only the Right promotes QANON & Political violence.

They own all of it now.


Get_me_Billie t1_iuk2ps6 wrote

I downvoted your comment because clearly the guy was fucking nuts. Not just "left" or "right" or whatever.

He fell into the media rabbit hole that is currently highly aggressive these days towards perceived "leftists."

You tell me why.