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50mm-f2 t1_iujxvv2 wrote

early to mid 20’s were tough .. lots of uncertainty, falling short and feeling lost. now I’m 41 and I might have had the toughest year of my life .. lots of uncertainty, falling short and feeling lost plus a family.


HerbertWigglesworth t1_iujxfpz wrote

18-23 was a more turbulent time, where the turbulence resulted poignant impacts - I felt much less settled and confident in myself those years, which at the time felt like a regression, followed by a huge increase to peaks of confidence and contentment I had never experienced before.


Nxoxoxnxe t1_iujxtiz wrote

13, I made too much of a fool of myself


registeelyourpizza t1_iujy57p wrote

Middle school until 21 was a really hard time, it took a long time to figure out who I was and accept the things I can't change


roge0934 t1_iujyef8 wrote

31 hit me real hard. I still haven't figured out why but that year was super stressful


eatredmeat t1_iujz0mn wrote

I keep breaking my record lmao🏆


Taraunda2001 t1_iujzhx7 wrote

2 years ago we decide to abort my down syndrome baby. Still the worst thing ever happen to me. I think about him every day


squareflag t1_iujzio4 wrote

The year I got to live with a coworker i was crushing on 100km away from friends and family, during covid. His girlfriend would visit for days at a time. So that means I got to live with one of my fav people during a time where i would've been alone, but i had to watch him actively be in a relationship when his (very nice) girlfriend came over. I have very mixed feelings thinking back.


Butt_Fucking_Smurfs t1_iujzyq1 wrote

Having undiagnosed mental health issues including Bipolar for the first 40 years was no cake walk. Hard to choose


Solid-Lavishness-571 t1_iuk2mqt wrote

I think this year takes the price for me. Words can’t describe how terrible I am mentally. Seriously lost all hope for a bright future


Inevitable-Art-3515 t1_iuk600j wrote

when i was 10, i was being bullied for being "different" (basically having way too much anger and sadness in me), my teacher and parents (specifically my dad) would yell at me by the simple fact that i had negative emotions (so basically when i cried or had a "crisis" as he called them, which just so happened to make the problem even WORSE, most of my classmates would constantly bully me and making bad jokes about me and make fun of me for having increased emotions, my teacher would put me down and attack me on my "difference" mainly on again my increased emotions, and also because i would sometimes correct the teacher (i didn't know it was bad at the time because nobody told me to not do it, and also i was ahead in most subjects)

Funnily enough, middle school kind of saved me because i wasn't as bad as before and most of the bullies just moved away or moved on

TL;DR : i was bullied at 10 for being autistic without a diagnosis (until i was 13) my parents, teacher and classmates made my life a living hell


Ryyah61577 t1_iuk7tnk wrote

  1. My ex wife told me she wanted a divorce the day before my 40th birthday. Moved out, daughter moved away. Quit one job, started another. On about 5 mental health meds. Made a noose “just in case”. Slept more hours than I was awake.

5 years later and lots of counseling. Remarried. Happier than ever. No more mental health meds. If you are going through a hard time now, it can get better. It may take a lot of work and time, but it’s worth it.