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Jfriendly17 t1_iuk7vpe wrote

I see alot of meme answers in the comments so I can't tell if the is serious.

If it is, for me, it's a toss up between the ISIS execution of that Jordanian pilot when they soaked him in accelerant and set him on fire.

And the Christchurch Attack.


PingPongWithJesus OP t1_iuk848f wrote

What is the Christchurch attack?


SherabTod t1_iuk8wgu wrote

I believe it was an amok attack in a town called Christchurch in new Zealand


PotGoddessDaisy t1_iuk5xt4 wrote



PingPongWithJesus OP t1_iuk63bb wrote

What is that? Reddit is a scary place.


PotGoddessDaisy t1_iuk6b4p wrote

A constant stream of very brutal girl fights. I have never seen anything like it.


PingPongWithJesus OP t1_iuk6v8s wrote

Just, women fighting? Please elaborate.


PotGoddessDaisy t1_iuk709w wrote

Yeah. Maybe I've just never been exposed to anything like that, but I was disturbed at the level of violence between women.


NoSalad03 t1_iuk6aq3 wrote

There was this gore video of a man smashing a newborn puppy's head in with a hammer. It shook me up a little


PingPongWithJesus OP t1_iuk6ja7 wrote

What the fuck. I want to build up my gore tolerance up but am afraid I will come across stuff like that too quickly.


PM-ME_UR_TINY-TITS t1_iuk8oq2 wrote

Those Ukrainian serial killers snuff film. Went by the name 3 guys 1 hammer. Or a chainsaw beheading. With both it wasn't the visuals it was the audio of them trying to breathe through the blood.