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Spocks_Massive_Dong t1_jegq6fd wrote

Politicians are scapegoats/sacrificial lambs.

We 'vote them out' thinking that it'll make a change, but in reality there's a higher level in charge who make the real decisions.


[deleted] t1_jegq7or wrote

That aliens do exist


HighlyOffensive10 t1_jegqnck wrote

The illuminati if you remove all the alien, satanic, and antisemitic crap. It boils down to rich assholes pulling all the strings to keep themselves rich and powerful.


MaximumShart t1_jegqn49 wrote

The CIA killed JFK JFK pulled funding from the CIA JFK had plans to end the Vietnam War JFK blocked operation northwoods After his death the CIA’s funding was restored Plans to end the Vietnam war were dropped.

This comes in at a time when the CIA was about as sketchy as it gets, drugging US citizens, planning to kill us civilians for political reasons (such as op Northwoods). There is still uncertainty surrounding LH Oswald’s guilt in the matter and I think just this combination makes it pretty probable, almost tame compared to some of the shit at the time


Practice_Girls t1_jegrok4 wrote

Building 7 did not collapse due to small office fires.


IamMrEE t1_jegtf8b wrote

I believe these secret groups do exist... And rule the world... psychopaths worshiping Satan and doing the most horrible acts one could imagine to other human beings... some people are so sick they'll do anything vile just to feel something.


KnudsonRegime t1_jeh27sf wrote

That the Christian Trinity doctrine was instituted to maintain the worship of Yaldaboth via Jesus as a proxy.