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putinpunter t1_iyf7p84 wrote

The stars have moved since astrology was invented, your sign isn’t even your real sign. I could go on and on but this one oversight perfectly explains the problem


SmackEh t1_iyf9ypd wrote

Astrology is very useful, It's great for quickly identifying gullible idiots.


KDY_ISD t1_iyfamw3 wrote

Fuck no. It's obviously bullshit.


tall_psycho t1_iyf8b1k wrote

Personally I do not, but I don’t take issue with people who do. It’s kind of interesting to look into as well, even if it is all made up.


freedagent t1_iyf8k4c wrote

I’m an adult so no.


Dry-Sea-9227 t1_iyfbekr wrote

I dont believe in all of it but I think it’s fun to look at


[deleted] t1_iyf7bsn wrote

No, because it's all made up.


The_Paradoxigm t1_iyf7irw wrote

No. Stars billions of miles away could have any meaningful impact on you.

Plus different cultures see different constellations.

Plus they change over time.


papaHans t1_iyfe7pi wrote

As with any religion, I'm fine with it as all you don't push it on me.


Euphoric_Glass5069 t1_iyf96zy wrote

I think it’s an interesting way to think about personality traits and currents of the seasons. I don’t believe it’s reliably predictive. More a creative tool for self analysis!


PussyAbsorber t1_iyf7l38 wrote

No, because I don't believe in science.


Aperture_T t1_iyfb3xm wrote

Of course not. It's just Barnum statements with a star chart.


MisstressMary t1_iyfdiyj wrote

I really don't, but I just enjoy a few jokes that are made about it, I just don't believe because it's just too supernatural, even me being a complete supernatural fan, it's a bit too much, but I do respect those who believe


Lord_Hellstrand t1_iyfdyrz wrote

I don't believe it since it tries to pigeon hole me based on my stars, but I have no problem with others who are into it. It's the people who believe in it so much that they think they have me figured out when the learn my star sign, which gets the shift quite often, that I get mad


certain_people t1_iyfal0h wrote

No, but my friend does, and has done some bits with me. Felt to me a bit like a Rorschach test - there's not really anything there, but you see what you see, and can learn something about yourself as a result.


Mercarios_Star t1_iyfb25y wrote

I personally don’t. I think it’s interesting but as someone else mentioned our stars have moved since it was first invented. I do recall hearing about other forms of astrology that vary depending on where you’re from but idk much about it.

Just something fun to think about, sorta like those enneagram or mbti stuff


TeenyWeenyQueeny t1_iyf8shc wrote

Yes, and ironically, the same way people who DON’T believe in Astrology feel about those of us who do, is the same way I feel about them lol

Astrology is more than opening up a magazine and reading a column written by Mystic Meg.

Astrology and Numerology has played a pivotal part in many Eastern religions and cultures. I actually have more respect and love for those who are open to it and don’t brush it off as a teenage girl hobby - in fact, there’s something very off putting about people who do.


Warlornn t1_iyfa8yo wrote

What do you think is the core mechanism behind Astrology's truth or correctness?


TeenyWeenyQueeny t1_iyfamo8 wrote

Belief and real life experiences that affirm those beliefs.

Also, I believe we as humans are very much so connected to the world around us, including the planets/stars so where they’re positioned when we are born and developing in childhood absolutely affects who we become as adults.

My real life experiences and interactions with people have affirmed my belief in astrology and numerology.

Just like Religion.

Astrology isn’t for people who lack belief.


Skolvikesallday t1_iyfbgqg wrote

And just like religion, it's made up BS with zero evidence or science to back it up.


TeenyWeenyQueeny t1_iyfccq0 wrote

Always wondered why people like yourself have so much vitriol towards beliefs and ideas that aren’t based on science.

The reaction is never neutral. It’s always a visceral annoyance directed towards those who have belief systems that aren’t routed in science.

Interesting to witness.


Warlornn t1_iyfatpb wrote

No. I mean, how does it actually work?

What is the mechanism behind the stars telling us things about our futures?


TeenyWeenyQueeny t1_iyfc2s0 wrote

Oh, Apologies.

Well, Astrology, from my understanding, uses scientific knowledge and a set of rules about the positioning and movement of the Sun, Moon, Planets and stars to analyse and predict the influence they have over earthly events including the human experience.

That being said, Astrology isn’t “testable” like science as we know it although some Astrologers may say otherwise.

I only know so much and the little I know is enough to convince me of it’s legitimacy.


aekkor t1_iyfcqjx wrote

If it makes predictions then why can’t it be tested? Make the predictions and see if your predictions are more often true or false.


TeenyWeenyQueeny t1_iyfdqij wrote

Well, for me that’s where the affirmation comes in. Until I analysed my birth chart, I would have said my Sun sign was only 30% accurate. When I read into my Moon sign, Rising sign and Houses in my Natal chart, it all came together and made complete sense.

If you’re genuinely curious, I’d recommend doing a Natal Chart reading - only if you have an open mind.

Belief systems are not for those who don’t approach life with an open mind.


Warlornn t1_iyfcvcx wrote

But wait. If it's not testable, how could you ever tell if it works?


TeenyWeenyQueeny t1_iyfddu8 wrote

I dunno, ask an astrologer. There’s plenty lurking on Reddit.

I personally said I treat Astrology and Religion S belief systems. You either believe the information that’s presented in front of you or you don’t. My personal life experiences have affirmed the information I have been presented with time and time again which is why I believe.


obscureferences t1_iyfb30y wrote

I don't understand it enough to dismiss it entirely.

Unlike those wankers who love to hate it.


ItsBritneyBanks t1_iyf9bjy wrote

Yes I did a decent amount of research and it def caught my attention