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Maxwyfe t1_iyew7nv wrote

Well, I'm an old woman so my ship is probably "The Saggy Teat."


Poorly-Drawn-Beagle t1_iyf35j4 wrote

The real Queen Anne’s Revenge were the saggy teats inside us all along


Maxwyfe t1_iyf3c4i wrote

Queen Anne's Revenge is what you get after eating too many chocolate covered cherries.


Ello_Owu t1_iyewgrh wrote

The Real Pope


AdmiralBofa t1_iyex6uv wrote

Admiral Bofa sails the seas on Deez Nutz


Killfile t1_iyeyork wrote

The Queen Ann's Revenge

I'm an infamous scourge of the seas, but not nearly so infamous as I'll be among confused history students in a few centuries time.


TorsionDifferential t1_iyezg2t wrote

The Dusky Unmentionables, which is also the name for my crew and my underwear.


seaberry78 t1_iyezn6a wrote

The HMS Gherkin (The name of my brigantine in sea of thieves)


BuckshotBilly123 t1_iyf6kv6 wrote

"The Capelobo"

if you don't know, the Capelobo is like Brazil's version of bigfoot. they have 2 forms, animal, and humanoid, the animal is like a large skinny Tapir with a snout similar to an anteater. they are extremely hairy (thick black fur) and ugly.

humanoid ones are 2 Meters tall (7 feet) even when hunched over, maintain the snout and black fur, and are muscular and are said to have nearly impenetrable skin, hooves on their legs that are hard to track because of their shape, long claws on their hands, and are said to have an unearthly disgusting stench. their shrill screams can be heard from miles away. they don't actively hunt humans, but if they get a hold of a person, they will suck their brains out from the top of the skull, it is also said it kills hunters who hunt on sundays.

TLDR: brazil bigfoot. kills people.


Aperture_T t1_iyfce89 wrote

The Full Stop

That way, when other people see my ship, they exclaim the ship's name, which makes it easier for me to catch them.