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blackblueblink t1_j2fvn18 wrote

health care


JuggaloDragon t1_j2fvv67 wrote

Yes. I went for an ultrasound last week to get pics of my testicles. those fucks wanted $581.98 just for taking pictures of the inside of my sack. like wtf


AppropriateHair7930 OP t1_j2fw19a wrote

Damn the government would rather spend on war than on healthcare and the standard living of its country. Whats the american dream lol


JuggaloDragon t1_j2fwkuo wrote

I have blue cross blue shield as my health insurance company. and I got that bill amount for that ultrasound still. government and this omnibus bill? jesus christ on the cross


AppropriateHair7930 OP t1_j2fvsgr wrote

I heard that gun and violence has been out of control last yr(2022)


m1ndyourself t1_j2fwwyn wrote

Umm this, I’m going out for nye in a populated area and hope I don’t catch a stray bullet tonight. I don’t live in fear but just sucks that I have a thought like that in the back of my mind in the first place


ColdFreeezer t1_j2fvplr wrote

Government is ran for money not for people so most laws passed are bullshit.


Potential_Dentist_90 t1_j2fx0yl wrote

Minimal efficient public transportation outside of a handful of large cities


Thud2 t1_j2fwscs wrote

Not interested in discussing things that just read discord and discontent. We already have enough of that.