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Diedrogen t1_j2fr0j3 wrote

I don't need to be somewhere else.


Reset108 t1_j2fqpe9 wrote

I just worked all day, I’m exhausted.

I’ll be doing well if I’m still awake at 9pm


arChrisan3 t1_j2frrqi wrote

Because i can. I also want to.


an_achronist t1_j2fqq75 wrote

  • Pissing it down

  • Toddler

  • pregnant wife

I've had a couple of beers to help lube up for the new year though


Acj2002913 t1_j2fqxpr wrote

Your mother wanted to stay in


fleewiththelottery t1_j2frkn4 wrote

because my family is here and this night is for rookies


No-Alfalfa4979 t1_j2fqw1e wrote

I refuse to start this new year hungover…


SilntMercy t1_j2fr3xe wrote

2 kids and no sitter.


AkechiJubeiMitsuhide t1_j2frp29 wrote

Because it's fucking midwinter and it's comfier here than going out to the streets or being a bother at a restaurant where all the staff just wants to be anywhere but work


TnCMama t1_j2fsd7z wrote

NYE is amateur night and I do not participate.


Away_View_120 t1_j2fsq9f wrote

Got 2 months baby to take care of, nothing else matters ❤️


Beneficial_Ad_1072 t1_j2fr1bs wrote

Cause it’s New Year’s Day, the party was last night, heading to the beach shortly though.


shaneyshane26 t1_j2fri8s wrote

Im broke and can’t afford to go anywhere and don’t have anyone to meet up with me.


tchichi t1_j2fso86 wrote

I don't have social life


Jenergy83 t1_j2fsyep wrote

Because I want to be home with my dog!


damndirtycracker t1_j2fszx9 wrote

I’m 46, it’s my day off, and there is a lot of alcohol here already.


Dabrigstar t1_j2fszza wrote

I would rather watch movies and play video games than go out


DumbyKittinXP t1_j2ftdy3 wrote

I don’t celebrate new years because I don’t give a shit


AceBazooka t1_j2ftx5g wrote

No friends and I'm broke


velolove42 t1_j2ftz3s wrote

Don't want the rona, don't want to be out with all the drunk drivers, don't feel like drinking much and don't want to be cold.

Besides we've got a seafood smorgasbord going on at home! Crab legs, shrimp cocktail, crabcakes, salmon, charcuterie, chocolate dipped strawberries! Why go out?


jarpward t1_j2fqob7 wrote

it’s super likely that i’d get in a car accident…and all my friends are lame


SweetEmmaG t1_j2frf47 wrote

Because my friends are too sick to go out.


PinkCrystal1031 t1_j2frtvk wrote

Introvert but I’m trying to be less of one.


dessert_259 t1_j2frxxr wrote

I wanted to go to manhattan to watch the ball drop but it’s raining in NYC


Tilly_Turtl3 t1_j2frzbw wrote

I feel called out lol umm I’m just spending time with family at home (she states while sitting in bed) instead of going somewhere with them. Got less than an hour to go until midnight ✊🏻


_-Joonie-_ t1_j2fs5ls wrote

I have zero energy left to deal with drunk people. That's pretty much all my age demographic (Late 20s - Early 30s) is interested in doing.


Buldy27 t1_j2fs6et wrote

Two of my friends i would like to be with dont have time, and i dont want to be with my other friends, so i am home with no one but my dog


Tahtooz t1_j2fs7fj wrote

I’m partying in VR with hot cat and anime girls


Mrow t1_j2fs9mq wrote

I was home schooled when I was young, got vaccinated for chicken pox, never had a bunch of common childhood illnesses. Spent time with my sister and her babies at Xmas. Now I'm a 30 year old dealing with a case of hand foot and mouth disease.


ragnarodinsson t1_j2fsagb wrote

There’s a party going on at my house


wejigglinorrrr t1_j2fsb5m wrote

2 small children.

Get to play some board games with the wife!


DeviacZen t1_j2fstkc wrote

I worked today and have driving PTSD so I'm partying with my pets.


IrishFlukey t1_j2fsvhd wrote

I am with the people I love most. What better place could I be in?


supremePE t1_j2fsynd wrote

2 kids, we are all sick, don’t want to get even sicker


D_B_C1 t1_j2ft04p wrote

I’m a single dad. I gave my 2 sons the option of going with friends or having friends over. They chose to have friends over, I just pulled 2 chickens off the grill and my Boston butt will be done in an hour! They are having a great time and so am I. I am the only adult here..


hartwickbilly t1_j2ft5ll wrote

It’s snowing like a mother fucker right now


Panther_Pilot t1_j2ftaar wrote

No friends that do anything fun, I'm sure as hell not hosting


MadWifeUK t1_j2ftcin wrote

Tickets to event: £50

Outfit: £150

Pre-drinks: £30

Taxi into town (double fare): £80

Three rounds at event plus tip: £65

Kebabs while waiting for taxi home: £20

Taxi home (double fare + desperation fee): £95 (give him a ton and say "Keep the change you filthy animal").

Plus waiting outside venue in the cold, being around people, hangover the next day.

Nah mate, I'm in my jamas with a brew, cwtched up on the sofa with my husband and the moglets and will be heading to bed after the bongs.


itsaminowo t1_j2ftdzl wrote

because i got nowhere to be.


Heyo8710 t1_j2ftr0v wrote

I have a nice relaxing house, mozzarella sticks in the oven, various cold beers, 2 cats and a heated blanket. My favorite band is live streaming a NYE concert that I will watch on my 75 inch tv with surround sound.

Couldn't pay me to be elsewhere.


SuperSpeederCarl t1_j2ftr1a wrote

My only friend is gone on a work trip with his racing team, so I spent the night with my wife and daughter…


AcanthocephalaGlass5 t1_j2ftu89 wrote

I have a damn cold,headache and coughing. Last Christmas I had covid.


DarkNinjaPenguin t1_j2ftv9r wrote

Sitting round the log fire, surrounded by family, got the Hogmanay party on the telly and we're playing Quiplash.

There's nowhere I'd rather be.


Jacobi_Reagan t1_j2fuaz7 wrote

You're right. I'll go to my girlfriend's house..... Oh wait, I don't have a girlfriend.


Anonymous_Bantha t1_j2fujin wrote

I’m sick and even if I weren‘t my only plans were for tomorrow not tonight


stealth_mode_76 t1_j2fup46 wrote

I don't go out on NYE. It just isn't fun anymore. I'm making nachos, drinking margaritas, amd watching tv with my boyfriend. It's way more enjoyable.


Downtown-Command-295 t1_j2fwtpp wrote

I don't drink, I'm not going out after about 8pm to avoid drunk drivers, I have no friends having events (I have no friends ...), so I literally have nothing else to do.