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JT_Futurama t1_j2fx3kv wrote

I'd say maybe 2. I feel like they could have killed 2 by accident, but everything after that has to have a purpose behind it.


gobigred3562 t1_j2fw1fj wrote

I wouldn’t care unless she wasn’t over a previous partner. I’d be more likely to get jealous over a guy she’s emotionally not over instead of a guy who might be sexually better.


planthammer t1_j2fwd9n wrote

I don’t think there’s a number too high. The only line id draw is if there was a video record of it all. Like that chick that banged 900+ people in a day…


kiwimelanie t1_j2fwika wrote

Personally I don't care about body counts, its rooted in purity culture and I'm not Christian anymore


Thud2 t1_j2fwe66 wrote

I can't throw stones


Accomplished_Ad_4918 t1_j2fxflz wrote

I don't care but they have to be drug and disease free. And I suppose I don't need them to have a huge big ego about it. I never tried to have a huge ego about my peak years.


___Phreak___ t1_j2fxhx9 wrote

I mean.. providing the police aren't onto them


insignificant_ppl t1_j2fx3ae wrote

I mean seriously Jeffery said 17. Way to many. Atleast he was still a virgin.