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Slawth_x t1_j6pi71o wrote

Every time you smoke a cigarette, add 24 hours until you can eat again. You better succeed cause your life depends on it lol


thetruetrueu t1_j6pitbt wrote

I vaped to quit and then got incredibly addicted to vaping, then I realized how stupid vaping was and quit that. Success!


Leafsharp t1_j6pi1fx wrote

How many cigarettes you smoke?


SamiR83 OP t1_j6pi54o wrote

20-30 a day


ArmoredBreadBug t1_j6pj6uc wrote

I would start by smoking less cigarettes per day, and remove one from circulation each week. For example, 19 a day week 1, then 18 a day week 2. This will allow your body to get used to smaller amounts of nicotine you’re smoking each day, without getting rid of all of it at once and suffering from withdrawal.


Leafsharp t1_j6pitsj wrote

Try smoking it 20, every 2 weeks stop smoking 2 After some months you’ll stop eventually.

Worst case scenario you’ll smoke 1-2 a day if everything goes right.

Or maybe you’ll end up dead before so, who knows the future. Try sticking to the plan


No-Confection1053 t1_j6pibl8 wrote

Honestly man I tried everything and the only thing that actually worked was when one day after finishing my workout I noticed I was still struggling to fully inhale and was just overwhelmed with this feeling of rage. Here I am trying to get in shape and be healthy meanwhile I can’t fucking breathe and all I can think about is going and smoking a fucking cig. That exact moment I took the last of my pack poured water over it and it’s been almost half a year since then. For me it was literally a mental thing. Once I made up my mind I’m done it was over. Didn’t even feel any withdrawal either maybe I did but it was so minor almost like my body truly wanted me to finally stop. I doubt this will help you because everyone’s addiction is different but this is what worked for me. I tried vaping, patches, nicotine gum none of that crap helped.


Non-trapezoid-93 t1_j6pier9 wrote

Hire a dominatrix. Go to see her once a week. If she smells cigarettes on you, she gets to put you in a dress and beat the shit out of you.


Skittles_the_Unicorn t1_j6pirlo wrote

There is no easy way. No shortcut. It's a long and miserable haul but the rewards are so worth it. The secret (IMHO) is never give up trying or get so down on yourself that you give up. It usually takes a lot of tries before you finally succeed but each try brings you one step closer.


rosen380 t1_j6pj42k wrote

Go to the place James Woods did in the movie Cats Eye...


OkNectarine3105 t1_j6pjc9x wrote

Every time you feel like having one, don't have one.